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  1. I hate this type of story - are the general public total morons? What they are saying this that the fees have increased - that's been noticed for a long long time. They are also saying that if you look at the total costs of a mortgage - the £1995 fee that they stick on costs you money and maybe the "cheapest" deal isn't actually all that cheap! Who would have thought it! Anyway, I'm off to Tescos before they close to buy all the BOGOFs and special offers I can get my hands on.
  2. It doesn't appear that her house was built on 1/4 of an acre either. Does anything in the press have to be true or does it just have to fit the message?
  3. Haven't we all benefitted from the recession? The costs of the deficit will be paid by our grandchildren.
  4. There was a piece on Working Lunch a few years ago about a guy who wanted to quit his job and become a Day-trader. They pointed out in the show that to earn say £15,000 a year he would need a 10% return on his money - and then he'd be paying tax on his profits. Basically - the guy (who looked a bit dim) had nothing to say and I felt embarassed for him. Ultimately, you can't compete with Professional Traders - you can buy and hold certain shares and make some money - but you have a real lack of info. - and that is where people will get screwed. You can complain about the fees for funds - but you are paying them to look after your money, it's only fair they have a cut. Believing that you have a way of beating the market - foolish. (in saying that, I do occasionally use Betfair and I win consistently small amounts from races - typically £20 or so, which is from betting for and against the same horse. I'm good at spotting trends but would not consider this a reliable route to paying off my mortgage or paying for retirement)
  5. Boring outside and garish inside. I don't know if people actually like this showy floating toilet, big clock, open-plan, minimalist look - it just looks a little cheap and dehumanising. Although, if you can afford to borrow to £400,000 - then you must have taste.
  6. So to keep house prices where they should be - at the glorious 2007 levels - people should be forced to move outwards from central London. they move out 5 miles - and buy a house at 2007 levels from people who move 5 miles further out again and so on until we reverse the Highland Clearances. The Central London houses will of course be moved into by rich foreigners who recognise that London property is the only way to store wealth. This way house prices are kept at good high levels and everyone gets to move, simples.
  7. I used to have a Saturday job and earned about £40 a week for it. It was ok but I missed having my time to myself at the weekend. Then I went to college and got loads of overdrafts, Student Loans, Credit Cards. Well - my course in engineering wasn't for me so I quit and went travelling around the world - everywhere like Sydney, Melbourne, Thailand and a roadtrip from Los Angeles to New York. I even spent 2 weeks working in a village in Laos for charity - that was really life-affirming. Anyway - I'm now doing Social Media Studies at the University of Stockport. I'm getting an IVA and will never repay the student loan - life couldn't be any better. I do worry about the evil Tory cuts though.
  8. I thought that the two houses would be the same - you know identikit Barratt Box types. I also think that the house for £140k is quite cheap - I know it depends on location - but the place looks nice and has a huge garden, nice rooms and great decor (if not to everyone's taste). The other one on for £170k - who would buy that at that price?
  9. I used to read this investor's cronicle years ago. Funny that I don't remember it once saying that BTL was the best way to go for investment. Maybe some housebuilders or the like - but never BTL. Funny that they are now saying that BTL is the Best Bet. Maybe the prupose of this IC is to get people to buy the products of their advertisers - and maybe the advertisers now include some housebuiders.
  10. I don't even have a TV - most of the stuff on in the world is pretty irrelevant - Olympics and Weddings and Syrian invitations and Libya especially. Anyone know the price of the Chinese Olympic Tickets?
  11. They have a few daily flights on Eastern Airways to Aberdeen. Small planes (maybe 20-30 seats) - big fairs (think £300 return as standard). Clientele? Almost exclusively the Oil Industry - and those I know who work here M-F 0 they all drive up on Monday back on Friday - EAirways are just too expensive.
  12. Bad news I guess. Where I am from (Derry in Northern Ireland), we have an airport - probably in a similar position to Plymouth - it's vastly unprofitable and survives due to taxpayers money encouraging flights to it. Normally as a tax payer I'd be livid - but I'm flying back tomorrow and it is costing less than £100 for 2 people return on Ryanair from Glasgow. Which is really cheap. This makes me think of which other airports will close - and how will that affect people who bought a house in Spain/France and now can't visit it as easily as they thought. This was all predictable (and predicted here) many years in advance.
  13. Can you imagine paying Mastercardesque amounts of money to get to London, stay in London and get to the games only to be sat next to some freeloading Hood who nicks your wallet - priceless.
  14. I wonder what buyers think about a house being reduced... Does it activate a buy buy buy signal in their brains - or do they think... "maybe if the price drops to £X,000 I'll wait and see if it goes further"? Of course in the good old days - Location Location Location would have you put in a cheeky offer of £Xk minus £1,000 - and see if they'll bite - even though their budget was £X-50k. But anything for a forever home.
  15. I had a premonition - of a glorious future fair for all. That fair is the Olympics and millions of rich people flock to the UK to see the games. Many on their pilgramage, buy houses for a few million pounds in London - helping push prices back to where they should be, 2007 and beyond. They need somewhere to stay during the 3-week period and they will probably stick around after too (don't worry - these are the "good" immigrants - bringing in money and class and their wives frequenting coffee shops during the day while the kids are at school). The tickets for the different events keep going up in price - opening ceremony tickets sell for the same price as a space flight - an obstructed view of the men's gymnastics will be the same as an 3-bed semi in the Ashford. The atmosphere is electric in the country - everyone wants tickets for the games and the competition to get hands on them is at fever pitch! For those who can't buy tickets - you can invest in ETFs that allow you to benefit from the rise in prices. TV shows pop up like - Tickets, Tickets, Tickets and Tickets Under the Hammer. Everyone is advised to have exposure to the Olympics in their Pension - it could be through tickets or investing in Chip Vans or Suppliers of plastic flags and Kiss My Quick souvenirs. That will be the future - that will be 2012 - and it will be marvelous. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  16. I went passed maybe the one you are thinking about - on a Bank Holiday week - there were a large number of people, lobster sunburn, flab and tattoos - grisly!
  17. Having to move out for a few months over the Winter is not a big problem I would have thought. I guess that many of the residents go on a cruise at that time - or go and visit relatives.
  18. I've just come back to Aberdeen after cycling from Edinburgh - I've got a bit of sunburn and my legs don't want to move for a few days. Maybe it was the sunny weather - but I passed some really nice seaside villages and especially caravan parks. Now, if you said to me a week ago "Max, how about living in a caravan on the East Coast of Scotland near Dundee?" I would have laughed at you. But I can see a lot of attractions to it. The cost of living there is lowish - sure you have to pay your fees to the park - but that is not too disimilar to paying for factoring/a service charge on an apartment. Maybe there is less/ no council tax to pay. You are right beside some truly wonderful beaches and close to amenities and towns/cities. People (neighbours) might be really friendly and give that community feel that people like. Most of all - the caravans are designed to be lived in and some are larger than flats I've seen on the market. They are private, spacious and modern - set in nice surroundings On top of all that - they are a lot lot cheaper than your equivalent Slave Box. Has anyone here any experience of living in a caravan - or holidaying. The last time I was in one was years ago and it seemed a little cramped with me, 6 friends and a mountain of beer. In simple economic terms - the cost of living in a caravan is maybe about the same as living in a house - but the cost of the caravan is much much less. Could this be a new option to the priced out generation?
  19. Not much movement on the markets - maybe everyone is on holiday in the city today. Little if any movement after 9.30. FTSE100
  20. This is great news - Anyway, I'm off out to buy a BTL now.
  21. One thing that I've been pondering recently is how the UK society or global society is stratified/separated. My girlfriend is Russian and says that a lot of my English friends and English people (especially girls) look like horses. Whereas in regional areas, people tend to have common features - since in a village everyone was more or less related (back in agricultural times), the landowners all intermarried and that has meant that their features are a lot more unusual as you don't see many others like them when you see them mixing with the commoners in Tesco - but put them together - like at the Farmer's Market and they look quite similar. I live in Aberdeen and work in the oil industry. In Aberdeen you have some different groups of people - Professional oil workers from England and other places, Students (local and foreign - Kazakh, Indian, Nigerian, Irish pharmacists (for some reason)) and the locals. It turns out that people like to hang around with their own sort. The young English graduates all seem to have been through similar upbringing - good school, nice family, Oxbridge/Imperial, gap-year, family holidays in the Alps. If you don't fit the bill, you're not one of them. After 1,000 years, I'm not suprised that Norman names are still wealthier - they don't like to breed outside the genepuddle.
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