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  1. Disgraceful innit- 2 days to fill up your car and another 11 days just to cover some fat bus driver's olympic hand out, half of your working month spent on taxes and spongers- same old same old.
  2. Make BTL a business; Charge VAT on any property bought for rental purposes Force BTL'ers to submit audited accounts on an annual basis Ensure all BTL'ers run their rental business through a proper business bank account; make it impossible to sneak out profit from rental without paying income tax & NI Require all BTL'ers to pay corporation tax anually Require BTL landlords to pay full council tax during all void periods. Normal businesses have to comply with all this stuff yet BTL'ers appear to be able to flip flop between designating their portfolios as personal property or business asset depending on the financial advantage to be gained. Make BTL'ers play by a proper set of business rules and the whole thing starts to look a lot less profitable and a whole lot harder.
  3. This explains why the current government are finding it so hard to find suckers willing to take out new loans..... we all know Labour will be back to finish the job of destorying what's left of the UK economy sometime in 2015.... would you want to be sat holding a large business loan as Ed Balls entered number 11?
  4. To be honest I lost interest after this indication of how hard done by you are. Most people in this country would be doing well to earn half your salary, as it stands you get paid more than the combined income of three workers on average pay. 80 grand a year is NOT a pitance.. it's a small fortune. Be thankful, be happy that your standard of living is much better than many people in this country.
  5. Moat was a steroid munching wife beater with an IQ barely into double digits... and he's your hero
  6. Listening to Peston carefully it was clear that the interest on this business loan INCREASED as the BoE rate fell. Having paid for "protection" against higher interest rates the business owner is on a penalty rate because baserates have fallen. As far as I can see the loan is a basic SVR deal designed back to front... a proper fixed rate sees you pay the SAME interest for the lifetime of the loan... the product we are talking about certainly does NOT fit this criteria. As far as rates on business borrowings are concerned...4.5% over base for SVR products is about average. For fixed for life dealls commercial mortgages at a fixed rate of 3.8% are available right now. Set in this context 9% is daylight robbery, especially when you consider the intial setup cost of the "protection vehicle" in question. Sadly the chances of finding a refinancing deal are practically nought.... according to my business bank manager anything connected to consumer spend is lending territory which is strictly off limits.
  7. Round these parts the problems were caused by an armada of small Japanese hatchbacks piloted by the kind of people who spent virtually every waking hour pre fuel crisis wailing about the importance of their free bus passes. Perhaps a simple way to reduce the panic is to simply ban anyone in recipt of a free bus pass from buying Petrol or Diesel... I assume the bus pass system doesn't require pensioners to club together with individual jerry cans brimmed with diesel?
  8. As a small business owner myself I can say that any of my suppliers caught using your nasty little wheeze would receive a plain spoken b0llocking .... "I don't like it, I want you to do the decent thing. If you don't then my business goes elsewhere" Shame is a very effective weapon.... you've got to be prepared to be "rude" and tell people to their face that you don't approve. When I discovered someone I know was refusing to pay his staff sick pay I told him I thought he was a tight kunt.... a few weeks later a formal sick pay policy was introduced. Keep a full list of participating companies on your site so I can make sure none of my suppliers are up there on your "wall of shame".
  9. Your post is great... it neatly sums up why most British people want out of the EU. We have free markets and free labour.... we contribute far more to the EU than we receive.... . Royal Navy submarines provide $hitty little countries like yours with a "European" nuclear weapons capability.... we stand and fight in the trenches of Afghan when the rest of Europe hides under the duvet. We don't like being told we're lazy by foreigners from natives of insignificant countries which have no achievements of note to shout about.... it's like being given childcare tips from a Belgian..... a country with two claims to fame... the Belgian bun and paedophilia as national sport. The worst thing we EVER did was jump into bed with the shifty b@stards on the continent.... we were much better off trading with our commonwealth... people who share our language and values.... people who are "family". The best thing from a British perspective is for the Euro to fall apart... the resulting rush to federal EU state will give us the chance to vote for the first time since 1973 on whether we want to be shackled to the dead weight which is the continent..... we'll be out of the EU in a week.
  10. Royal Bank of Scotland.... Halifax Bank of Scotland.... Once we've rolled these huge Tartan turds back over the wall it's your failed financial experiment wee man.... arc of prosperity my @rse.
  11. "Knowledge based economy" "creative talent" "At Mumsnet we think......"
  12. Does the argument REALLY need advancing and arguing over? Personally I found it more informative to be reminded that Lambert spent a decade with a permanent Euro hard on and that the EU's spokesmen are only interested in reading press releases and denying that there is even a problem. I have no doubt that Lambert would quite happily have sat there and bull$hited his way through the debate "I always had doubts about the Euro" etc. Oborne got in early and punctured his balloon.
  13. Oborne was great... Mr Oborne made it clear to the viewer exactly what the bona fides of the "experts" were... You could immediately discount anything Lambert uttered once you knew just how wrong he's been about the Euro from day one. The EU shill proved himself to be little more than a walking press release... the fact that he stropped off in a hissy fit reinforces the idea that EU technocrats don't like debate, democracy or the plebs in general. The Euro is f*cked... if it falls apart we're screwed... if it stays together we'll be paying for it.
  14. "Pakistani Airforce F16's are the f*cking ******** says unbiased Pakistani pilot"..... "India... can you hear me"? This article proves one of three things; 1)Pakistani pilots are lying kunts 2) Turkish pilots couldn't fly their way out of a paper bag. 3) Typhoons have sensitive top secret equipment stripped out of them depending on who's airforce is going to fly them. Pakistani airforce pilots ran into the point 3 issue when they found out that the Yanks weren't daft enough to let them have the same spec as used by the USAF.
  15. A sensible view of the wider economic picture... one which will be completely ignored by the usual indignant savers who don't really give a $hit about anything but themselves and their savings. Anyone who took basic GCSE business studies at school knows how interest rates work in relation to inflation; higher rates= less demand. Prices don't fall by magic... you need a lot of people to stop buying.. when this happens the supplier has no choice; reduce prices or see sales volumes collapse. If you look more closely at the inflation figures you'll notice two BIG drivers... the government and the private cartels which run many large utilities and energy companies. Truly private sector, free enterprise companies AREN'T whacking through huge price hikes.... if you go back to the basic supply & demand relationship you can see why... there's no demand . If you're in business and can't cope with sterling at $1.62US I don't hold out much hope... Sterling has fallen but it's not exactly scraping along the bottom of the barrel.
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