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  1. I was asked to prepare a business plan for a young chap (ex prisoner) who had been offered an opportunity by a large national firm to do courier work between hospitals and hospital departments. He must be available for 70 hours weekly, he must hire their new vehicle, etc. etc. etc. I showed him that he would be working for a lot less than the NMW, but he was so determined to be employed that he ignored my advice. The young chap had mental health problems anyway. I am sure that in the long term this style of employment will cost us all very dearly. There is no reason for privatising these essential services other than to line the pockets of suits who can concoct smart work contracts. In this case and many others (hospital and school catering, cleaners etc. etc.) the Contractors are absolutely no different than the gangmasters in charge of the cockle-pickers in Morecombe Bay. I met another accountant, who like me, has stopped practising. I only do charity now. She was practising in rural Cornwall with lots of farmers and other small businesses on her books, but very few of them ever qualifying for taxation. She had a nervous breakdown and packed in. I absolutely agree with your analysis of Cornwall, and thanks for sharing it.
  2. Thanks for that info. We have found 5 winter lets that will consider pets out of 765 lets available within 20 miles of Liskeard, so no worries on renting. Also, I had a look at Motor Homes, but it would appear much cheaper to buy a fairly recent model and sell again than to rent. IT IS MUCH CHEAPER TO RENT A 3 BED HOUSE THAN A 3 BED MOTOR HOME IN THE SUMMER. All reminds me of research I have been doing for a novel. A new SS Jaguar was £500, 65 years ago, the same price as a new suburban semi. Most semis were not then purchased by middle-class but by working men. A skilled man earned £5 per week. Actually, the situation did not change that much in the next three decades. We bought our first house in Redruth in 1968 for £3,000 and I was earning £1,500 pa. Previously, I had been employed by the NAAFI, and rented property at the exigencies of their requirements, but the rent I paid was restricted to 20% of my income. We certainly seem to living in cloud cuckoo land at the moment.
  3. 4% sounds good to me at present. Who is that with, please? I found a property in LISKEARD this week that I loved but my wife did not? It happens that there are 7 identicals in a row. drop from 2007 peak is LR£368k down to £270k Asking. I would not have offered more than £250k. I have now found one in Saltash that we both like the look of but the vendors are asking 10% more than 2007 when the press says SE Cornwall has dropped 17% from peak. We are looking at a few properties but also hedging our bets by also looking at renting. Probably a winter let, and if we do not find anything in the winter to buy a motor home and extend the length of our search. In the meantime we have to put our house sale away as safe as possible.
  4. Thanks Incomer. You will be pleased to know that we are taking £4k drop to sell to a working family not a second home owner.
  5. Got a typical cornish granite and slate cottage(140 s.m.). 6 stables, office (45s.m.), workshop (70 s.m.) 2 Garages. half million litre pond, acre orchard. EPC C rating, which I have not seen on any other old buildings. Was last on at EA price of £425 in 2007. Just gone back on at £400 for 8 weeks, dropped to £350. At last got some interest. Unfortunately, I need to buy in Cornwall and now got to search for other realistic sellers, but that habit is chain forming. If it was Springtime then we would just take off in a Motorhome. Much of the property that I am looking at on rightmove, primelocation. findaproperty was also on the market in 2007. If EAs were doing their job properly they would be giving the strongest "advice" - put your property at a sensible price or go elsewhere. But as other contributors point out, they are seemingly desparate to appear to be busy so are bearing the massive advertising costs of lots of property that is going nowhere.
  6. I drew attention recently to a small farm estate STENHILL, in North Cornwall last year £1.3 million now sold for £725,000. North Cornwall has about 10% second homes and lots of houses have been on the market for ages. The average working wage (ie Average local wage less professionals is half the National Average wage. Houses are £216,000 average). This is the area that will start and end the house price crash, same as it did in 1989 -1994. Well spotted Towan Island for sale. If there is a bookie taking bets on HPC. I would place real money on 5 year fall of 50%, but would have to have a trade-off on Inflation, because that might be the way out yet again. In 1973-74. Stock Market dropped by 73%. House Prices by 33% inflation was 19% then 25%. Governments playing about with figures, like Mortgages are excluded from Cost of Living Index do not pull the wool over anyones eyes. 90% of the public earn less than the average wage. The average wage is slightly less than the unearned income in an average household (Dividends and Pensions being greater) This only comes about because the bottom quartile pay a higher proportion of tax than the top quartile and many are in throws of drowning in debt.
  7. I am sure your right but your sums are wrong. The financial press puts 2 million home owners at grave risk, The average mortgagor is in for £100,000. The 2 million are very likely to be in for more. say the £125,000 you envisage. 2 million x £125,000 = £250 billion.
  8. In the last collapse, country houses were advertised in the housing supplement to the Saturday night edition of the the local city paper, the supplement with all the normal housing in. The advert giving subscribers 7 days notice that certain country ptroperties would be sold for a real song. I visited the properties, saw it was a scam, put in a bid and was declared the best bidder. Suffice to say that the Mega-solicitors made sure that I did not get the propertry. I have all correspondence from beginning to end. Even the name of the Police HQ Officer who said he was sorry but there is no chance of investigating any fraud under £10 million. If this is the sort of stuff you want then let me know.
  9. Yea, so what about the 7 bedroom recently converted farmhouse, three bedroom recently converted cottage, 5 barns with planning for holiday lets (But not Listed Building). Obvious that the previous owner has made a mess with the LA, but I have now read the enforcementy notice and the LA is sounding pretty reasonable in its reinstatement terms.
  10. Try www.kivells.com/property/details.asp?ID=5566 Here is a huge rural property with 2 large houses, 5 barns for conversion and a small Building Regs problem but the price at £725k is 44% less than the £1,300k it was this time last year.
  11. The methodology for collecting data of employment is from the Labour Force Survey. Basically did you do ONE HOUR paid employment in the last week? or did you do ONE HOUR unpaid employment in a family business?. Myself retired, my retired wife and even my retired mother-in-law to the age of 80 would rightly be included as workers, simply because we have a family business. On the other hand the number of people unemployed 1.7 million does not include the 2.7 million on DLA, the population aged over 50 retired, not working and not drawing benefit probably 3 million. (in Devon and Cornwall, the Western Morning News recently quoted 3/4 of population aged over 50 were not economically active). Then there are the extra 33% of full-time students attending Universities, and 70% students in 6 th Form Colleges another 1.6 million there. Then how many people are in real employment. There are all those jobs funded by the EU, like 300 employees at the Eden Project. We need to import workers to maintain the facade of the booming economy. EXPORTS were around £200 billion until HMRC decided that 20% were in fact VAT fraud, so perhaps only £180 billion, but in order to work in round figures let us stick to the £200 billion. Meanwhile IMPORTS £250 billion. So a big hole of £50 billion there. Then Gordon Brown has borrowed £250 billion in PFI funding on top of his own current account (C.A.) deficit of about £50 billion. Cleverly he only has to repay 0.04% interest for PFI on his watch, but the nett effect for future Chancellors will be equivalent to raising Income Tax by 3p in the pound. For arguments sake let us say he is borrowing at the rate of £50 billion for PFI and £50 billion for C.A Deficit annually. The public has run up debts of £1.3 trillion, equivalent to £50,000 per household, except that 35% actually own their houses , so £80,000 av household debt. This private debt is increasing at over £100 billion annually. Building Society and Banking experts say the situation is OK because the fundamentals are OK. (but having said that 2/3 rds of all new mortgages are NOT with them but with "specialist providers". The fundamentals are the current valuation of the housing stock at £4.2 billion or more than three times the debt. This is OK, but the value of the housing stock in 1993 was £1.2 trillion and the RPI inflation index reckons we have had 33% inflation since. So exports are £200 million Imports are £250 billion and we public and privately are borrowing £250 billion. A major concern is that by the end of the 1960's (and as all Party Policy from WW2) UK was a food exporter, but now importing 1/3 food. If the real world powers ( Germany, Japan, China, India etc.) might decide that the US/UK moetarist theory only favours two countries. UK might come to understand that the difference between democracy and anarchy is just two days without food.
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