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  1. I'm just trawling for someone to break my virginity. I mean as a first time buyer of course.
  2. You got it, but you'll soon learn it's not allowed.
  3. It certainly seems that way. Just working on my own virginal avatar....
  4. Yes sir, would you like a nice cup of tea and a bj as well, while I'm at it?
  5. Interesting to hear Stephen Pound mentioned. I once spent a very, very interesting night with him in the House of Commons. Whisky was involved. Incredibly charismatic man.
  6. Hi I am a 28 year old girl living and working in London with no hope of ever being able to buy. The stories I read about the last crash are encouraging, but it hasn't reached here yet. I'm hoping that by 2008 the market will have reached a level where I can at least have the opportunity to buy. I believe that the current situation is wholly unsustainable. I'm not happy about it though!
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