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  1. Will be eating like a king for the rest of the summer ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Quite a few mates have been furloughed. I would be surprised if they all had jobs to go back to. That's across all sector from QSs to Graphic Designers to Pub Managers.
  3. And it's go for less so 2009 value like we've been saying ๐Ÿ‘
  4. As someone who bought right at the start of this thread in 2009 at the bottom of the previous slump I'd say we'd be lucky to get what we paid then. This is with upgraded kitchen/bathroom/front & back garden. Not that I want to sell as I like the area/neighbours. My mate just bought a 1 bed and took into account the factors mentioned above. He has his own front door and garden etc but only paid what the previous owners had paid before they upgraded the kitchen and bathroom. The sellers were happy enough too as they were moving somewhere bigger and were getting a similar deal. So I'd say prices will level out at circa 20-30% less than 2009 prices unless new kitchens and bathrooms allow a property to tread water.
  5. As long as people can get a receipt it's preferable to staying in a hotel?
  6. Also the sales figures are misleading. People buying new builds and trading their house in against it (I forget the term) counts as 2 house sales rather than 1 + 1 on the market. Edit: Part-exchange?
  7. Chinese oil demand has slumped by around 2 million barrels a day due to it and car manufacturing is halted for another couple of weeks so there's definitely going to be a slump in GDP for the year.
  8. I think things are bottoming out up here. There's definitely some bargains to be had through forced selling but I'd say now is a good time to buy. There will be a lot of properties come onto or back on the market over the next couple of months as usual.
  9. Was having a look on ASPC the other day and what surprised me was the number of B&B / ex B&B type places up for sale. 10-12 bedroom places. The รกrse has obviously fallen out of that game.
  10. It's made the commute out of town a lot easier as well. Nipping to Costco you could see all the heavy goods vehicles that would have been clogging up Anderson Drive/Brig O' Dee. Glad it's finally here.
  11. Top bear food on the radio this morning. New A & C report out showing negatives for City & 'shire. Can't find it on their website though. Tried to spin it as the market bottoming out but now that the peak selling season is over means this isn't the case.
  12. Looks like the banks are taking the hit then. Good bit of research.
  13. That's brutal! Selling price just went on Zoopla for the house across the road from me. Went for what ours was valued at in 2009 when we bought. We offered under.
  14. Would prefer Pittodrie being redeveloped. There is space, the footprint of the new development fits nicely on a map of the driving range. Being in the town center is also a major plus. The idea of waiting for buses to get back after a midwinter midweek game just fills me with dread.
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