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  1. Of course, it at least opens the discussion.
  2. Plus Aberdeen-Heathrow/Reading can be easily done a day return trip.
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/pensions-retirement/financial-planning/want-comfortable-retirement-thatll-cost-305000/ Does anyone have a Telegraph subscription that they could access this article and cut & paste it here? I think it would be relevant to the topic discussion.
  4. Well done to you πŸ‘ as someone who has been on this site for a similar length of time and documented the buying and subsequent paying off of the mortgage I agree that the posts on here have helped too. Now it's all about early retirement.
  5. One of the Scottish national chains just had their busiest month ever.
  6. It's been freed, now to move it out of there. Still not moving though.
  7. The Virgin Pendolino used to be perfect Aberdeen-Lockerbie via Edinburgh so no changes. That was just over 3 hrs. I think it went all the way to Penzance. It would have been needing a clean by the time it got there.
  8. I can do my parents house to my house with a good wind in 4hrs. That twice a week is still a days worth of travelling plus delays. I would feel that Aberdeen is still too far away to be taking on that sort of journey after a full days work.
  9. Might book a meeting in my calendar tomorrow for 2:30pm just to watch πŸ˜„
  10. Never crossed my mind but that makes sense. Not sure if the local shops could afford the rent though.
  11. And that's going into winter not getting it on the market for spring (unless they're early for 2021).
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