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  1. With a £450k mortgage and take home pay of about £6k (based on 20% bonus), he's only left with about £3.5k/month. I say only, because if he's got the house in GX, presumably he's also got the car and golf club membership etc to go with it. He may not be as good a credit risk as you think he is.

    Edit: and the boat!

  2. Does this mean I'm going to have to wear a disguise when I visit now? When I made that post there were 3 threads on the front page of the Main Discussion forum about house prices and the rest were about the markets. Every so often someone would ask the question 'what does this mean for me in relation to house prices?', there'd be a short one line answer and then the discussion would continue. Anyone visiting the site for the first time actually looking for information about a possible house price crash would have been hard-pressed to find it.

    As Jake said in his reply, the quality of discussion is amazingly high, and I've learnt a great deal from it. My view was just that people who arrived here from search engines etc looking to hear the other side of the story other than that spouted by Location, Location, Location et al wouldn't have found it.

  3. With all the news over the past few days, the 'Main Discussion Forum on House Prices' board is now dominated by threads about Central Banks, loans and the markets. Whilst this is undoubtedly important in the grand scheme of things, perhaps a new board could be started (or the existing one moved to a more prominent position) for discussions of this nature, and the Main Discussion forum kept for threads directly related to the housing market?

  4. I would imagine they are all much of a muchness. The top ones are fairly well known and they have to provide competitive prices to avoid arbitrage and losing business.

    City Index

    IG Index


    Good luck - it's an easy way to lose money.

    I wouldn't recommend Finspreads. A spreadbet firm has to do two things: provide a rock solid interface and reliable prices. They used to be my SB firm of choice, but recently their interface has been very flaky. I'm getting constant disconnects and then timeouts when I tried to log in again. They've also been displaying a message for some time saying that the daily price changes may be incorrect. While this doesn't affect the real time prices, it doesn't inspire confidence.

  5. You obviously wouldn't buy such a property but there's plenty that have done already.

    Tewkesbury was hit by seriously bad floods back in 1947 but the houses in the town (some are centuries old) were still bought and sold every year since.

    So much for your worthless theory then....

    My parents live in Evesham, although thankfully on high ground. There was serious flooding in 1998, at the time the worst ever, and those affected were told it was a once in 200 year event, so homes and shops were repaired / refurbished and further development took place. Last weekend one of the main shopping streets looked like this, slightly worse than '98:


    Who in their right mind is going to a ) insure any of these properties and b ) spend money opening a business with the risk that it will happen every 10 years? These are business premises, but the same applies to residential properties.

  6. I'd like to see inflation split into two figures:

    1) Amount to run a basic household and get to a job: rent/mortgage, council tax, water, electricity, gas, insurances, tv license, transport costs, basic staple foods only

    2) Amount for luxuries: luxury foods, holidays, gadgets, etc etc

    As the price of electronic goods has come down, they've hidden the escalation of household essential bills. It's those without any of group 2 that are really suffering as the rate of inflation of the BASIC cost of living (without the fripperies) has rocketed and been disguised because a 42" plasma screen is now £3000 cheaper than it was last year (or whatever, made that figure up)

    A very good idea.

  7. well freeview PVR is a good idea if you can find a quiet one! I returned Humax's latest one on Saturday as I thought I had a boing 747 in the room :lol: could try toppy as it has no fan but I just can't be bothered with tapps

    I have a Toppy and would thoroughly recommend it, but you're right, you do need TAPS to get the most out of it.

  8. I tried to outsource some web development and design to a company in India to save on costs. 4 weeks after the agreed deadline it was still nothing like being compete and the 'design' looked like it had been done by a coder rather than a designer (see most websites c 1999 for examples). In the end I just told them to stop working on it and paid someone over here to do it. It was exactly as specified, looked great and was done on time. Lesson learnt.

  9. I think they're better off without including other people's listings. If I wanted to see what was on fish4 then I could look at any number of syndicated local newspaper sites. If I were Tesco I would offer the service for free for 6 months to build up a large database of properties - it would probably cost them about the same as a couple of TV adverts during Coronation Street - then when the site becomes a must-visit they start charging.

  10. http://business.guardian.co.uk/story/0,,21...rss&feed=24
    HSBC to halve 8,000 staff at Canary Wharf
    Jill Treanor
    Thursday June 14, 2007
    Guardian Unlimited
    HSBC is planning to
    halve the 8,000
    staff at its landmark Canary Wharf headquarters as it looks to free up space to sublet to other tenants.
    Michael Geoghegan, chief executive of Britain's biggest bank, told a conference today he had set staff a challenge to reduce the workforce in Britain's most expensive office block by 50% over the next seven years.
    "I don't think I need 8,000 people coming into Canary Wharf every day," he said....../

    With that many financial services sector jobs vanishing overnight....................... :o

    I thought the same when I read the HSBC story's headline, but it isn't saying 4000 people are going to lose their jobs, they just want to move people out of Canary Wharf:

    Mr Geoghegan was not thought to be trying to indicate that HSBC was planning large scale redundancies but to use technology to allow people to work in different locations or more flexibly.
  11. Either it's a fake, or the landlady is really thick.

    Why would you put yourself in a defensive position ahead of negotiations ?

    Smells a bit fishy to me - the punctuation, grammar and writing style in the letter is exactly the same as the phone conversation.

  12. It's in my agreement that the letting agents inspect every 3 months, but I have seen them in 18 months. They're also very good at sending out new contracts when the old one expires but not very good at checking that I send them back. My AST expired in January 2006 and I haven't signed another one, so if they want me to renew now then my deposit will have to go into the protection scheme.

  13. Having a non-political head of state is IMHO a good thing. Look at the US during the Iraq war - if a US citizen disagreed with the policies of Bush and the government they were branded anti-american and castagated for not supporting the troops. Having the Queen as head of state and head of the military mean we are free to voice our disagreements with the government without being called trators. Whether an inherited monarchy is the best solution is open to debate.

  14. I've been in the 40% bracket for the last 4 years, through PAYE, and not once has the inland revenue asked me to self-assess or checked my income from savings. Do they just not bother when your tax is straight forward? Then again, I haven't claimed the extra relief on pension contributions, so it's probably swings and roundabouts.

  15. A job that payed in excess of £20K a year, is that too much to ask??..

    My first job out of uni, 8 years ago, paid 14k, probably equivalent to about 17k-18k now. I was very hesitant about accepting it because I thought the pay was on the low side, but it was a foot in the door in an industry I wanted to work in. I'm still there now, earning just over 50k - not a fortune, but well above the national average. My point is: being a graduate does not give you the right to a well payed job instantly, especially now when over a third of people go to university. There are very few jobs where a degree is an absolute prerequisite - you'll be in competition with people who already have 3 to 5 years experience. Find a job you want to do then work out how to get there, even if it means starting on a lower salary than you hoped for.

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