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  1. This is people trying to find controversy where this is none. It is standard practice for organisations to pay staff members' expenses during a relocation; the fact that this organisation is funded by the TV licence is neither here nor there. My brother in law's job with a bank was relocated and the company paid their stamp duty, moving expenses and for carpets and curtains in the new place. They also bought their old house from them at market rate and sold it on at a loss.

    And isn't the reason the BBC is moving some departments up to Salford because the government forced them to?

  2. As a percentage of total voters, those at risk of losing their homes is probably very small, unless the situation is a lot worse than anyone imagines. I would hope the majority, who have borrowed sensibly or held off buying at completely, would not stand for financial handouts of this type.

  3. I walked past one of my local estate agents this evening and had a read of their newsletter in the window. The main article was how it is a good time to buy an investment property 'despite what's going on in the wider economy'. I'm going to pop in tomorrow and try and get a copy as I would love to go back in with it in 18 months time :) In fact, I might go in and ask them to run through the figures.

    Anyway, why is it that if a bank wants to sell you a £20/month savings plan they are regulated by the FSA, but an estate agent can advise you to buy an investment worth £ks and there is absolutely no comeback if it turns out to be bad advice? Of course, you should take anything said by an EA with a pinch of salt, but clearly a lot of people haven't been doing that lately.

  4. Agree with the worthless brand.

    Agree with the poor quality mortgage book.

    Agree with the shame regarding the run.

    However, you're forgetting their savers. They have the most stupid, docile set of savers in the whole industry. They are self-selected, tested by trial and fire. What an asset - they can offer them dreadful interest rates, and they still won't leave. They can offer them dreadful service, and they still won't leave. They can offer them useless financial products, and they still won't leave. They can probably go round to their homes and [email protected] on their carpets, and they still won't leave. These bovine savers could be a gold-mine for Northern Rock.

    Do you not have a TV?

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