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  1. Isn't it self explanitary? It's because a massive crash will be far, far worse than the alternative of a small backwards correction or stagnation for a few years.

    It puzzles me why almost all the people on here seem to so desperately want a property market collapse and are quite gleefull about it. I understand why they may think it's coming but to actually want it is rather sick to my way of thinking. The fall out from it will be absolutely horrendous and all of us are going to end up paying for it through state benefits to the huge number of newly homeless, jobless tradesmen, suicides, business crashes, etc.

    People who have recently bought their own homes by stretching themselves and sacrificing do not deserve that. Do any here actually remember what things were like in the early 90's? It was ******in horrible, quite honestly.

    You lot on here chirp on about how these nastly BTL'ers and "fools, morons, idiots, etc, etc" who've paid big prices and have artificially inflated prices in some cases to make profit. Yet everyone wants the market to go tits-up so they can get something artificially cheap. You are all exactly the same as the BTL'ers in that you want a market advantageous to your own situation at the expense of others. Only in the case of people here you aren't prepared to risk large sums of your own cash or acrifice your lifestyles.

    That is, quite frankly, absolute b0llocks. Which is going to cost the economy and society more in the long run: a short sharp shock where a few thousand people are stuck with negative equity and benefits are paid to people who lose their jobs, or a whole generation who are forced to rent until their mid thirties and children who are brought up in homes that are too small because their parents can't afford to move from the 1 bedroom shared-ownership flat.

  2. Day after day there are politicians in the media trotting out the same old lines about housing, mortgages, the state of the economy etc, and they never seem to get properly challenged.

    What questions would you like to see politicians forced to give a straight answer to?

    Caroline Flint and Alistair Darling:

    Why are you doing everything you can to support high house prices, when it just means that it is virtually impossible for FTBs to get on the ladder, and for home owners to step up the ladder?

  3. This has been the case in Nottingham for about 5 years - when my daughter accepted a place at Trent we looked at the possibility of buying a 2-up 2-down terrace for her to share as prices were reasonable (this was in 2003) but after taking one look at the number of To Let signs we ran for miles! Not a decision we regret - for most of her student life she was only paying about £40pw for perfectly acceptable accommodation.

    The going rate was £35pw when I was there - 13 years ago. How is anyone who bought in the last few years making money!

  4. The earths crust which is above and below water is constantly changing, if you studied geography at school then you will know that hawaii, new zealand, iceland, etc etc ..... are new land masses that are still growing. So who are "you" to say what will happen in the future.... (god maybe) Like i said MANKIND is so arrogant and full of self importance that we believe we can change the physical world as well as the financial world ha ha ha ha..... (The Earth was here before us and will be here after we have all gone)

    You stated earlier that melting ice wouldn't affect sea levels; someone proved you wrong so you now start talking about the earth's crust and new land masses?

  5. IF are associated with HBOS, but - if you ask Halifax about it... they insist that it is a separate concern. IF is part of the HBOS group.

    I just tried to transfer £12k out of an IF account to take me under £35k. It wouldn't got through online so I had to ring them. Apparently it was because it was over the 'floor limit'. When I asked them how much the floor limit was they said it changed on a daily basis; I imagine it's somewhere around £1.50 today!

  6. know what you're saying we don't have massive equity on this house as it is, (big mortgage on it) so the drop of £35,000 would literally leave us with nothing once debts paid off, so we have to hold our price (or near to it) or we'll have nothing, but good to know others in same boat!

    They don't say how much they're selling for, but it sounds as though they could be heading for negative equity soon if they insist on chasing the market down.

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