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  1. The main forum index loads fine for me, but if I click on a topic then I'm waiting a good minute or so for it to load.
  2. It's financial suicide on the part of the EA. If I was a seller I wouldn't even consider an EA that doesn't advertise on Rightmove.
  3. Haha, that's not a house, it's a corridor!
  4. I've never understood the thinking behind certified copies of documents. Unless it's clear who has signed and there is a risk they may get struck off their professional register then I don't see how the copies are any more trustworthy. Most of the time you just get a scrawled statement at the bottom that could be from anyone.
  5. The tax man has a ready-made list of properties now with the deposit protection scheme. Of course, the owners could also not register there, but then they risk a fine of 3x the deposit.
  6. There seems to be a problem with the timestamp on some forum posts. That previous one seems to have been from 2005.
  7. Is the site load-balanced at all? Perhaps one of the server's clock is wrong.
  8. I think it stopped sharing some time this afternoon. I was using it this morning and picking up other people's finds but I'm now just getting my own.
  9. The phone isn't free!! When your contract is up for renewal tell them you don't want a new phone and your line rental will go down by about £20/month at least.
  10. http://www.barratthomes.co.uk/ViewDevelopm...0a-ce5ef68ef040 Garage not suitable for cars
  11. There was a guy from the Local Government Association on Radio 4 the other day defending one of these 'little Hitler' decisions (sorry, can't remember the details). What staggered me was the number of people employed by local councils - 2.2 million! That's a lot people trying to justify their jobs.
  12. Last night I compared the price of a barrel of oil in sterling vs the price of a litre of petrol over the last year. I was surprised to see that, relatively, petrol is at its cheapest for the last 12 months, at 1/59 the price of a barrel. The peak was 1/36, with the average 1/43. If those multiples were applied today then petrol would be £1.98/litre using the peak, or £1.62/litre using the average.
  13. Sorry folks, HPC is off, rates are down by £20/month on a £150k mortgage
  14. After reading that, I couldn't resist. That's another fine mess...
  15. Yes, they seem to have got away with this. The people who lost out when the 10p tax band was doubled are, at best, back to where they started; basic rate taxpayers get an extra £120 to help pay for increases in fuel and food.
  16. I'm suspicious about how accidental this was. Is it a coincidence that a survey saying that more people want falls than rises was published earlier this week?
  17. And now the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7398244.stm
  18. Slightly off-topic, but can anyone think of a job other than wedding photographer where you are paid to do the job, i.e. turn up and take pictures for £ks, and also retain copyright (and hence complete control) of the results of that work? It's usually one or the other - you either get paid to do the work and copyright is assigned to the customer, or you do the work with the plan to earn money on the outcome.
  19. He's a prime heart attack victim - middle aged, stressful job, overweight and unfit.
  20. How can you tell when there's a drummer at the door? The knocking speeds up half way through.
  21. On a £150k interest-only mortgage, that's an extra £190/month. Good luck raising rents by that much on a £150k property
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