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  1. Okay so I admit I'm an Engineer and I didn't get involved much with economics, and that's a proper Engineer by the way, that designs real things, not a "financial engineer" which I regard as the worst example of the abuse of the title Engineer since car mechanics started using it.

    Language changes, get over it. No one's going to accidentally go to a car mechanic when they want a bridge built. Unless you define yourself by your job title, what's the problem?

  2. An advert from Bairstow Eves on the back of a local directory that was shoved through my door yesterday:

    Yes, the market is tough

    Yes, prices are static

    No, we're not going to lie to you

    Yes, we will sell your home

    Prices aren't static, which means they are lying to me, so does that mean they won't sell my home?

  3. This will be trivially easy to circumvent: for €5 a month you can easily tunnel all your traffic out via Switzerland - http://www.swissvpn.net - and all the government will be able to see is that you were connected to the tunnel. All your traffic will be encrypted, so they won't be able to see who you were sending emails to, what you were downloading or which sites you visited. To get at that information they would need to convince the Swiss authorities to give it up, which I doubt would happen.

  4. It does seem a bit pointless since John Lewis, Debenhams, Argos, M&S and others all do wedding list services, and most also gift wrap for you if you're too lazy to do it yourself.

    Getting married next year but since we aren't buying a place and already have all the furniture, pans and other random house crap we're just going to ask for guest (mostly family anyway) to donate something to our Honeymoon.

    Why not tell them to keep the money and spend it on themselves (or give it to charity)?

  5. ??Are you sure about that?

    Are you saying that people are applying for mortgages at the moment at the current high prices and being refused by their lenders. But that those lenders are saying they would give a mortgage if the price for the same property was much lower?

    That's exactly it. There isn't a credit crunch, banks have gone back to offering sensible income multiples and sensible LTVs. When house prices drop to the levels that brings them back in to line with what the banks will lend then the number of mortgages will go back up.

  6. Timeswitches not really worth it because immersions thermostat controlled anyway.

    But you wouldn't want to leave the immersion on all the time though, keeping water hot when you may not need it, would you? My place is all electric with just an immersion heater for hot water, but it's on a timer so I just have it set to come on for a couple of hours first thing in the morning and an hour early evening.

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