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  1. Language changes, get over it. No one's going to accidentally go to a car mechanic when they want a bridge built. Unless you define yourself by your job title, what's the problem?
  2. An advert from Bairstow Eves on the back of a local directory that was shoved through my door yesterday: Prices aren't static, which means they are lying to me, so does that mean they won't sell my home?
  3. House prices won't fall back to an affordable level that aligns with wages, they'll fall back to the level that banks are willing to lend, with some overshoot based on sentiment.
  4. This will be trivially easy to circumvent: for €5 a month you can easily tunnel all your traffic out via Switzerland - http://www.swissvpn.net - and all the government will be able to see is that you were connected to the tunnel. All your traffic will be encrypted, so they won't be able to see who you were sending emails to, what you were downloading or which sites you visited. To get at that information they would need to convince the Swiss authorities to give it up, which I doubt would happen.
  5. She looked like she hadn't slept or washed for about a week.
  6. Why not tell them to keep the money and spend it on themselves (or give it to charity)?
  7. I've a feeling that RightMove 'get it', as it would be fairly straightforward to change the site so it would be impossible for PB to track changes. As they haven't done it in the 6 months that PB has been around means they either understand the benefit to their customers (the EAs), or they need to hire more competent developers.
  8. These tilted photos are apparently the fashion - half the photos taken by the photographer at my sister's wedding were like this. Looks bloody crap to me, but then what do I know.
  9. Good luck, but they have the internet in Thailand you know, so you can still carry on posting. I'm sure a number of people would be interested in hearing about the pros and cons of living and working abroad.
  10. That's exactly it. There isn't a credit crunch, banks have gone back to offering sensible income multiples and sensible LTVs. When house prices drop to the levels that brings them back in to line with what the banks will lend then the number of mortgages will go back up.
  11. Personally, I would drop 'would treat your house with the utmost respect.' Although you want to convince them to rent it to you, it's a straight business transaction, and this phrase sounds a bit subservient.
  12. There was some discussion on this on another forum (no, not that other forum), and the conclusion was that they cover the larger bets and those by successful traders, but most punters lose so it would be a waste of money covering their entire position.
  13. NatWest online banking seems to be working ok for me.
  14. Could someone explain why Santander would pay 37% more for A&L than their share price on Friday valued them at please?
  15. Does this story now have the record as the most-posted ever on HPC?
  16. How does the council buying unsold properties help FTBs, unless they're going to sell them on at a loss?
  17. Been following Aylesbury and the surrounding villages. Absolute carnage in the new-build flats market; for example: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-205...26&tr_t=buy Reduced from £141,950 to £109,950 within 2 months. There are others in the same block that sold for £200k+ last year that are up for auction with a guide of £120k.
  18. But you wouldn't want to leave the immersion on all the time though, keeping water hot when you may not need it, would you? My place is all electric with just an immersion heater for hot water, but it's on a timer so I just have it set to come on for a couple of hours first thing in the morning and an hour early evening.
  19. You need to read up on prefetch Fellow. It only does this if the website specifically marks links for Firefox (or any other browser) as suitable for pre-fetching. HPC.co.uk doesn't mark any of its links, so no prefetching is done.
  20. I have noticed that if I repeatedly click on a link then it will usually load fine on the 3rd or 4th click (although this probably doesn't do the database much good).
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