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  1. The cost of a CDS - how much it costs to insure a loan to, or investment in that bank - reflects how risky the market thinks the bank is, i.e. how likely that bank is to default. The higher the price, the more risky it is. So, yes, it is a table of relative safety, but based on the cost of a CDS; it does not tell you what their exposure to CDSs are, i.e. how much they would be liable for if another institution went bust (although that should, in theory, be built in to the cost of a CDS).

  2. I would prefer to shop at the small, local independents, but they really don't help themselves. We have an independent butcher, it's open until 4pm Mon-Fri and until 1pm on Saturday. For anyone who works normal 9-5 hours, unless you can get there in the small Saturday morning window you've no choice but to go to the supermarket. I'm not suggesting they need 24 hour opening like the local Tesco, but late night opening just one day a week would do their business the world of good.

  3. I disagree. As an earlier post has said - if the tenant did not pay for any of these they could just walk away after wasting the time of both LL and agent and say sorry mate found somewhere else. If you say you are going to rent something and cause others to spend time and effort on your behalf on the basis of your promise you should at least pay their cost.

    No one is going to a credit reference, draw up a contract and get a place ready to move into without some sort of commitment. I know there are bad LL and bad agents but there are also bad tenants who do mess people about. You cannot blame agents and LL for demanding some sort of down payment. Not everyone is out to rip you off. To be honest every tenant is getting a good deal the moment.

    That's what a holding deposit is for, deducted from the first months rent if the tenancy goes ahead, fully refundable if it doesn't through no fault of the tenant.

  4. You re assuming that the majority of BTL are tax registered - Thats not the case so remove the VAT and Tax and also assume they have managed to secure their own tenants

    It now looks MUCH more attractive

    Why would you remove the VAT? It will still be on the LA's invoice, it's not like the LA are going to do you a 'cash in a brown envelope' deal just because you haven't registered with R&C.

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