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  1. The cost of a CDS - how much it costs to insure a loan to, or investment in that bank - reflects how risky the market thinks the bank is, i.e. how likely that bank is to default. The higher the price, the more risky it is. So, yes, it is a table of relative safety, but based on the cost of a CDS; it does not tell you what their exposure to CDSs are, i.e. how much they would be liable for if another institution went bust (although that should, in theory, be built in to the cost of a CDS).
  2. Read it again, RB - this isn't based on the exposure to CDSs, it's the cost of a CDS.
  3. If only they could bring someone into the cabinet who has experience of the European parliament, that would surely make things easier too. What? They have? Really?
  4. I would prefer to shop at the small, local independents, but they really don't help themselves. We have an independent butcher, it's open until 4pm Mon-Fri and until 1pm on Saturday. For anyone who works normal 9-5 hours, unless you can get there in the small Saturday morning window you've no choice but to go to the supermarket. I'm not suggesting they need 24 hour opening like the local Tesco, but late night opening just one day a week would do their business the world of good.
  5. £10 an acre isn't it? You can buy it in WH Smith.
  6. The last time oil was priced in £ at around £49.70 a barrel was January, and unleaded petrol was 102p/litre then, so not a lot lower than it is now.
  7. The guy does have influence, so what he could have done is say he's removing IceSave from the Best Buy tables because of the guarantee. That may have then forced them to go for the full UK guarantee instead of the passport scheme.
  8. What's got to happen before everyone exclaims 'thank f*ck that's all over' and lets out a huge sigh of relief?
  9. Have you got a link for that? It's not what the ASA guy was saying on the radio a couple of days ago.
  10. I'd disagree that the media has been against her either for her Christian beliefs or her recreational activities, it's because she's unable to answer a question without betraying how little there is between her ears.
  11. I'd suggest that Vice President of the US isn't the place to 'get up to speed'.
  12. This is a wild guess, but does it have non-standard electric sockets?
  13. Yes, I get the feeling there's something big about to happen. So far today we've had a meeting between Darling, Cable and Osbourne, after which the Tories and Lib Dems both suddenly changed their position to support the government, plus Browns announcement that deposits up to £50k are to be protected.
  14. Now that we're in a new world of more regulation, should single companies that are relied upon to provide essential services be forced to split up into smaller companies, much like AT&T was?
  15. I posted this a couple of days ago, so the figures are likely to have changed slightly, but he last time oil was priced in sterling at around £54.60 a barrel was in March, and the price of a litre of unleaded at the pumps then was 106p. It's currently around 112p.
  16. Dylan


    Well done, you've found a typo.
  17. That's what a holding deposit is for, deducted from the first months rent if the tenancy goes ahead, fully refundable if it doesn't through no fault of the tenant.
  18. The last time we had oil priced in sterling the same as it is today (around £54.60 a barrel) was in March. The price of a litre of unleaded at the pumps then was 106p.
  19. £4.37, but if pushed I could probably find another couple of quid down the back of the sofa.
  20. If there are two masts close to each other it's not entirely impossible that standing waves are created where the signals interact, depending on the frequencies etc.
  21. Not necessarily. From a seller's point of view it would be better to pay the £2k stamp duty on a £200k house than drop the price by £25k.
  22. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1220646501...p_us_whats_news
  23. Bucks County Council are already turning off street lights on some A roads. I'm all for it - the less light pollution the better.
  24. Why would you remove the VAT? It will still be on the LA's invoice, it's not like the LA are going to do you a 'cash in a brown envelope' deal just because you haven't registered with R&C.
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