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  1. 1) Bots laying a book. Let the bot make the book several times over during the night, then the horse you knew was going to be withdrawn is actually withdrawn and the bot owner, that did have £8k in his account, wakes up to find a £30k loss because of the reduction factor, which, according to Betfair, can't happen.

    That's similar to what happened to the bunch of idiots from MSE who layed the whole first goal-scorer market thinking they were on to a guaranteed winner. Then one of them realised that if one or more of the players didn't play they were liable for a huge loss. The thread on it is hilarious.

  2. I suspect they knew exactly what they were doing. They obviously hadn't had time to re-price everything and are having to discount instead. If they had put -2.13% VAT discount on the receipt every 3rd person would be holding up the queue by badgering the shop assistants about why they hadn't got their full 2.5% discount. For the sake of the difference they can probably push more people through the tills.

  3. Holmer Green is my old neck of the woods (10+ years ago). I've never understood the high prices there - the nearest station is in Amersham, probably a good 30 minute drive in the morning, and you're 40 minutes in rush hour from a motorway. The only thing it has going for it is that Bucks still has the 11+ grammar school system, but RGS and Challoners aren't exactly close.

  4. There's lots of talk about businesses failing and individuals losing their jobs, but I've read very little about how all this will affect charities and the work they do. The latest NSPCC advert on TV uses the phrase 'help children in desperate need'; coming so soon after Children In Need, I get the impression that they're feeling the need to directly compete instead of just pulling on heart strings.

    While it's a disgrace that charities like the NSPCC and RNLI (we're an island FFS!) need to exist, what would happen if their funding all but dried up? Would the government feel forced to step in and fund them?

  5. I very rarely post on here, but this 1.5% drop has really upset me.

    I'm happy that those struggling to pay their morgages are helped, but why doesn't the Government also help the savers.

    The Government could help by reducing the tax percentage applied to savings accounts, or increasing the amount that can be added to an ISA.

    That's actually a good point - the government are presumably going to have a lower income from tax on savings interest after this rate cut, so they'll need to borrow even more to cover it.

  6. A few years ago I had a letter from a debt collection agency about a debt I supposedly had with a phone company I used to use that had been taken over. I knew I did owe them some money from a final bill, so I rang them up and asked for a full breakdown of what the debt was for. Two weeks later I received another letter from them telling me that 'as a gesture of goodwill' they were writing off the debt. I've no idea if they have to supply a full breakdown by law, but it certainly put them off.

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