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  1. If anything, this could force prices lower. This scheme is only available on new-builds, so anyone trying to move up from a FTB-type property will have to lower their price to compete. Which will force down the price of new-builds etc etc.
  2. I've been keeping an eye on prices in Chalfont St Giles. Houses that were £450k are now down to £400k, so £500k down to £400k by end of next year is realistic. Very little is shifting at the moment, and one local agent has gone bust already.
  3. Perhaps it was to provoke debate? Or maybe to give people a wide range of sources on which to base their opinion? And learn how to post without quoting a whole article of text, moron.
  4. As Moo said, one of the bot networks was closed down last month. You can see the immediate drop in spam when it happened: http://www.spamcop.net/spamgraph.shtml?spammonth
  5. Something similar here. The cars are stored for a week or two and sold on by their owners, usually within a few years.
  6. Think how much quieter it will be if we do go all-electric, it will be good news for people living near busy roads.
  7. He can take the site down now, the Government are going to pay his mortgage for him.
  8. So if I've got this right, the government are effectively paying homeowners' rent for2 years?
  9. That's similar to what happened to the bunch of idiots from MSE who layed the whole first goal-scorer market thinking they were on to a guaranteed winner. Then one of them realised that if one or more of the players didn't play they were liable for a huge loss. The thread on it is hilarious.
  10. I suspect they knew exactly what they were doing. They obviously hadn't had time to re-price everything and are having to discount instead. If they had put -2.13% VAT discount on the receipt every 3rd person would be holding up the queue by badgering the shop assistants about why they hadn't got their full 2.5% discount. For the sake of the difference they can probably push more people through the tills.
  11. I'll try and grab a photo tomorrow. The notice definitely says the landlord has taken possession so perhaps he has someone else lined up, although I'd be surprised.
  12. Everything is still in there, including the adverts in the window, except there's now a repossession notice from the landlord to go with them. That's one down, two to go. Edited to add: South Bucks village; very high house prices.
  13. Even if it was correct, how may companies turnover £1bn+ a year? 840 jobs is nothing when they're predicting another 1m+ unemployed
  14. Holmer Green is my old neck of the woods (10+ years ago). I've never understood the high prices there - the nearest station is in Amersham, probably a good 30 minute drive in the morning, and you're 40 minutes in rush hour from a motorway. The only thing it has going for it is that Bucks still has the 11+ grammar school system, but RGS and Challoners aren't exactly close.
  15. There's lots of talk about businesses failing and individuals losing their jobs, but I've read very little about how all this will affect charities and the work they do. The latest NSPCC advert on TV uses the phrase 'help children in desperate need'; coming so soon after Children In Need, I get the impression that they're feeling the need to directly compete instead of just pulling on heart strings. While it's a disgrace that charities like the NSPCC and RNLI (we're an island FFS!) need to exist, what would happen if their funding all but dried up? Would the government feel forced to step in and fund them?
  16. "When the sales market falls, they all live somewhere, so the rental market does well" (or words to that effect) So Phil, about this shortage of housing?
  17. I used to know someone who made a fair amount by paying the deposit for these sorts of cars, moving up the list waiting list and then selling his place on to someone who didn't want to wait. Probably a bit risky to do at the moment.
  18. If Cameron's got any sense he'll get rid of Osbourne and make Clarke shadow chancellor.
  19. That's actually a good point - the government are presumably going to have a lower income from tax on savings interest after this rate cut, so they'll need to borrow even more to cover it.
  20. He got more votes than any Presidential candidate before. I'd say that's pretty good.
  21. A few years ago I had a letter from a debt collection agency about a debt I supposedly had with a phone company I used to use that had been taken over. I knew I did owe them some money from a final bill, so I rang them up and asked for a full breakdown of what the debt was for. Two weeks later I received another letter from them telling me that 'as a gesture of goodwill' they were writing off the debt. I've no idea if they have to supply a full breakdown by law, but it certainly put them off.
  22. http://www.bucksfreepress.co.uk/news/37961...g_horse_owners/
  23. Did we have our very own recessions then or were other countries in a similar situation?
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