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  1. They don't

    But they aren't going to get funding by admitting this are they?

    Y2K bug was a perfect example of what is happening now.

    Anyone who knew anything about computers knew that there wouldn't be a problem, but if someone comes to you and says

    'here's 100K to fix my computer'

    Do you say 'It doesn't need fixing'?

    Or do you take the 100k for doing F*ck All.

    A basic understanding of human nature is all that is required to make sense of practically everything that is happening at the moment, including what keeps happening on this and similar threads.

    You're joking, right? Yes, I'm sure some work was done where it wasn't strictly necessary, but the stuff I worked on (banking, airlines) would have been completely broken on Jan 1 2000 if nothing had been done.

  2. I develop windows apps but dont use their tools like VS. I use a privately owned language and IDE purpose built for DB's which has been around since the dos days and unlike MS & VB6/VB.net this company ensure backward compatibility between releases hence why their customer base still have dos users becuase their apps aint broke.

    Just out of interest, what do you use?

  3. I've not seen it mentioned so far: it is a criminal offence not to hand over encryption keys when requested to do so by the police (RIPA). There are ways around this though, TrueCrypt hidden volumes for example, where you encrypt sensitive data within an already encrypted volume and only give up the key to the first one. An easy way to get someone in trouble is plant an encrypted USB key drive in their car and then report them to the police as a suspected terrorist; they can't produce the key to the encrypted data because they don't have it.

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