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  1. Wasn't something similar brought in during the 60s for commercial property? I can't remember the exact reason why, but it was something to do with the Centre Point building in London being purposely left empty.
  2. The US should be thankful all they are doing is cutting production and not threatennting to sell it in Euros instead of Dollars.
  3. I wouldn't mind a reasonable pay increase if being an MP was a full time job, but you only have to look at the record of members' interests to see that some treat it as little more than a hobby.
  4. Is it possible this speech was an attempt to try and shore up the dollar by hinting that rate increases may have further to go, or at least won't be going down any time soon?
  5. Yes, paying £15/month less than I was 2 years ago in a very desirable area.
  6. Some of you may know about b3ta.com - it's a site where people post (quite often NSFW) pictures and photos that they've doctored. They also have a weekly discussion on a set topic, and this week it's debt. The target audience is probably 16 -30 year olds. I've only read the first page and came across this gem in a post on 'how to manage your funds better': Sounds to me like he's been taken in by the 'renting is dead money' rubbish. Link to the discussion here. This one's quite interesting too: Doesn't say where he is, but I imagine this sort of story will get more common in the next few months.
  7. Only just over half who MEW spend it on home improvements Pay off debts - 29% Invest or save -13% Improvements/renovations - 56% Carpets, furniture etc - 15% Buy another UK home - 6% Buy a property abroad - 2% Buy a home for a family member - 2% Buy a car - 12% Pay for a holiday - 7% School fees - 1% University costs - 2% Finance a business - 3% Other - 10%
  8. Exactly. I had a conversation with my sister about house prices a couple of weekends ago. Her and her husband bought a house a year ago with a 250k+ mortgage and are aware of my views on house prices. The conversation went along the lines of: 'House prices won't fall, they'll just stagnate' 'Apart from wishful thinking, what do you base that on?' 'They just will. Well, look how much money we've made on our house in the last year' (about 15k) 'So you have that money in the bank?' 'No' 'You're thinking of selling soon then?' 'No' 'Well how exactly have you 'made' money then?' '(silence)'
  9. There's already a Tesco Beer & Wine Supermarket in Calais; I imagine they'll jump on this as soon as they can.
  10. Whilst I'd like to think I'd be patient enough to wait until prices hit rock bottom, as a FTB looking for a home rather than an investment I will probably jump in when the price of a decent property approaches 3.5 times my salary. So how will those of you who are currently sitting out the housing market time your entry if prices start to fall?
  11. £550/month for a 1 bed flat in the Chilterns. Similar (but slightly smaller) property adjoining has just gone on the market for £200,000, which would be 3.3% yield; at a more realistic selling price of £160,000ish it would still only be 4.13%.
  12. If the LL tries to raise the rent at the end of an AST just remind them that even one month of no rent will more than cancel out any raise. If they insist then be 'awkward' when they try and show round prospective tenants.
  13. From the Telegraph article: "Under the pessimistic scenario - that property is 25% overvalued - there is a two in three risk of a decline in prices" Those look like good odds to me. I don't think it's hard to argue that prices are at least 25% overvalued, probably more.
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/5405218.stm
  15. I wouldn't really call it good news: - The annual rate was 1.05m in August, up from 1.01m in July; however, the July rate was initially reported as 1.07m and then revised down, so the same could quite easily happen to this August rate. - Record number of completed homes for sale. - Median prices down 1.3%
  16. I was chatting to a colleague at work today and she mentioned that she's buying a new-build 2 bedroom flat (I'm not sure of the exact development, but it's somewhere just outside Windsor). She's got a deal with the developer whereby she buys 75% of the property and when it's sold she gives the developer 25% of the proceeds, whether the value goes up or down. I had to double check with her, and it's definitely the developer who's hanging on to the other 25% and not a housing association (or so she thinks). Is this practice normal? It seems to me that the developer is effectively admitting that it's over-valued by a 1/3 and this is the only way they can get rid of them. It's also a very good way to keep the Land Registry prices artificially high.
  17. I really don't understand this point of view. If by waiting a couple of years I can get the same house for less than it would cost me to buy now, or a better house for the same money, then surely I would be better off waiting (obviously taking rent in the mean time into account). As a potential FTB I'm in a position to buy a house for around £200,000. Just a 10% drop would knock out 2/3 of my deposit, a deposit that's taken the best part of 3 years to save. I agree with you whole-heartedly on this though.
  18. I'm in the process of buying an American-made guitar. The UK price is £4000; the price (including shipping, import duty and VAT) if I import from a US dealer is £2800, so the UK distrubutor and/or the UK dealers are adding a huge mark-up just because we usually roll over and let them.
  19. My 12 month AST expired in January but my letting agent didn't send a new one out until February. Being as disorganised as they are, I never got round to signing it and sending it back and they haven't chased me for it. Am I effectively staying here without a contract, am I subject to the same terms as the last one or has it converted to something else, and what are the implications for me, e.g. can they just throw me out? I've no reason to get funny with either the LL or LA, I'm just curious whether things like notice period etc from the expired AST still apply.
  20. I was under the impression that EAs were banned from using Sale Agreed on signs a few years ago, but round my they're springing up all over the place; there even seems to be one agent who I'm pretty sure isn't bothering with For Sale and are going straight to Sale Agreed. Have the rules changed again or are my local agents desperate to hide the fact nothing's selling?
  21. Ok, it's never been the cheapest place to buy, but browsing today I came across this house for sale. Two bedroom, slap bang on a busy main road, tiny garden and en-route from the pub to the ex-council estate. 2 years ago a car drove straight into it, leaving a gaping whole in the front wall. A snip at £410,000! Funnily enough it's being marketed by the same agent that advised my neighbour to sell her 1-up, 1-down for £210,000. 2 years later, and with the price now dropped to £195,000 it's still unsold. Things are definitely slowing round here, with a lot of homes on with multiple agencies.
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