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  1. I've had a lot of professional experience of IBM, and if any company can afford to lose staff it's them. I've never known any company to have so much red tape just to get simple things done. When I first had to deal with them I was slightly in awe, it's IBM after all, but soon realised that many of the people I dealt with were completely clueless. The only people I've been impressed with are their AIX and hardware technical guys. It's a shame for those losing their jobs, but there's a lot of people getting paid to push pens around for the sake of it.

  2. There's no way anyone should have to accept a 25% increase in any insurance premium, shop around and you'll find it cheaper.

    Absolutely, I fully intend to. When I rang them to find out why it was so much, even they were surprised and couldn't explain it. I was curious whether this is a general trend (albeit not so severe), or whether the underwriters have changed something specific that affects me. Judging by the lack of 'me too' posts, it's probably the latter.

  3. Instead of a house price crash in 2004, equivelant to an Earthquake on the richter scale of 7, by delaying, we have now stored up enough energy to develop a house price crash equivelant to an Earthquake on the richter scale of 9.5

    And bear in mind that the richter scale is logarithmic, so 9.5 is 300 times worse than a 7.

    Edited to get my maths right!

  4. That list seems a bit selective. I have seen a list somewhere showing all the cabinet members' property interests. Most of them have them. I get the feeling most MPs have more than one property. I get the feeling everyone has more than one property.

    Not at all selective, I think they're all as bad as each other. As I say, this was from a quick skim through: maybe Labour and LibDem MPs are better at disguising it.

  5. I've posted this before, but I think this thread warrants a re-post. If you want to know why the Conservatives aren't keen to do anything about HPs, you only need to look at the Register of Members' Interests. The list below is just from a quick skim through; I'm sure there are many more where the company name is less obviously property related.


    Ancram, Michael - Rental income from Scottish agricultural estate

    Arbuthnot, James - Rental income from two flats in London

    Baldry, Tony - Director, Angel Gate Limited - property development in UK; Cottage in Oxfordshire

    Binley, Brian - Donation to constituency party from Barry Howard Homes Ltd

    Brokenshire, James - Rental income from house in Essex

    Butterfill, John - Partner, Butterfill Associates - financial, corporate and real estate consultants

    Clappison, James - 13 rented houses in Patrington and in Withernsea, North Humberside

    Conway, Derek - Financial support for a research assistant fees met by Regent Square Estate Limited

    Duddridge, James - Donation to constituency party from Astimwood Properties

    Evennett, David - Rental income from house in Kent

    Goodwill, Robert - Income from 4 residential properties

    Grieve, Dominic - Rental income from house in London

    Gummer, John - Residential and commercial property in London

    Hammond, Stephen - Director, Sovereign Reversions Limited - Equity release

    Jenkin, Bernard - Donations to constituency party from Cavenham Estates Ltd - property development, and Thomas Bates Ltd - House Builder

    Lansley, Andrew - Rental income from house in Cambridge

    Lewis, Julian - Rental income from flat in Southampton

    Loughton, Tim - Rental income from flat in London

    Luff, Peter - Rental income from property in Worcester

    May, Theresa - Donation to constituency party from Beachley Property Ltd

    Mitchell, Andrew - Investment in unqouted property investment vehicle

    Moss, Malcolm - Rental income from property in Wales

    Mundell, David - Rental income from flat in Edinburgh

    Murrison, Andrew - Rental income from land, agriculture buildings and stables in Wiltshire

    Randall, John - Rental income from residential property in Uxbridge

    Selous, Andrew - Rental income from property in London

    Swayne, Desmond - Rental income from flat in London

    Syms, Robert - Director, Marden Holdings Ltd - family business with interests in property & C Syms and Sons Ltd - family building business

    Tredinnick, David - Director, Malden Mitcham Properties - family property and investment company

    Willetts, David - Rental income from flat in London

    Democratic Unionist Party

    Simpson, David - Rental income from flats in Portadown, Co Armagh

    Labour Party

    Field, Frank - Rental income from house in Chiswick

    Hoyle, Lindsay - Rental from commercial property, Chorley

    Liberal Democrats

    Brooke, Annette - Retail shop in Poole

    Farron, Timothy - Two bedroom flat in Preston

    Featherstone, Lynne - Director, Lyonedge Properties Limited

    Hemming, John - Rental income from 2 flats in London; house in Birmingham, farm and woodland in Devon

    Sanders, Adrian - Rental income from residential property in Paignton

  6. with no strong tie to any particular location (not owning a house) being a renter during a recession is actually very advantageous, a renter can easily move to whereever there is still jobs and money to be made either within the UK or abroad.

    and when you get made redundant the housing benefit pays your rent :P

    Is this still the case if you've got a stack of cash in the bank, either from STR or saving for a deposit?

  7. Haha. Let's put it into simple language.

    General inflation is when the stuff we all pretty much have to buy, like food and petrol increases in price.

    This means we have less of our income to spend on other stuff.

    Wage inflation is just a way of saying increase in income.

    So, if incomes don't go up much, but the cost of food and other essentials does, this is not a good thing.

    Unless you're the sort of person that thinks hitting your own testicles with a hammer is a good thing.

    Where did I say it was a good thing? (Or was your comment directed at 'Smarter than the average bear')?

  8. Good article, but if I were an outsider reading it I would dismiss the views of someone from a site called housepricecrash.co.uk as quickly as we dismiss those of with a VI in prices staying high. It's a shame that the site's name is so blunt and not something more neutral, but with the same content (although I suppose it wouldn't then attract the same level of discussions).

  9. Go on to Google and put in this search term -

    inverness property rental

    If you don't find something among the many results then try this -

    inverness property to rent


    Whats wrong with you bears? Are you completely beyond help?

    You dumb f*ck. I was just using Inverness as an example to show the lack of properties on Rightmove. I wanted a site similar to RT to get a general feel for prices outside the major cities.

  10. Complete false economy, Primark.

    I bought a cashmere jumper for £25, thinking it would be a good buy as it was 100% cashmere. How can I go wrong, I thought? By buying it from Primark, it bobbles like crazy and looked 'Primark quality' from the second wearing.

    I have bought expensive clothes in the past that I have been able to wear for years, making them cheap in the long run. However, even the more higher end of the high street is starting to flog poor quality goods just to keep that % of profit for themselves.

    If you go into Harvey Nichols etc, the higher end designer prices hav gone through the roof. I could afford them a few years ago, now, even though I am on nearly double (through gaining better skills), I wouldn't dream of buying them now, I'd feel guilty :huh:

    Never buy cheap stuff, buy expensive stuff cheap.

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