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  1. According to the BBC, MSE generated £16m of revenue in the last 12 months; I can't imagine his overheads are more than about 10% of that at most.. 5 years of revenue + a few million for goodwill is probably on the high side for a website but it's not often one of this size changes hands. Money Supermarket must think it's worth it.
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8653238.stm The best evidence yet that supply and demand had almost nothing to do with the rise in prices.
  3. http://zxcode.com/2011/05/the-mill-apartments-ballisodare/ "t is like a scene from ’28 days later’ inside. Windows are smashed, partition walls are kicked in, the large dark empty car park has had all of its wiring and cables stripped. There are screws all over the floor from all of the doors and fittings that have been removed. Copper water tanks have been long ripped out of each apartment."
  4. I'd be curious to know what % of renters in Ashford claim HB. A cap of 30% market rate when you are the market could be very painful...
  5. I recall reading that Blair has quite a complicated system of companies that his earnings are channelled through. It could be that buying a house for cash through one of these vehicles has tax advantages.
  6. I've been in the same place for the last 5 years. In that time I haven't seen or spoken to my landlord, everything is done through the letting agent. We seem to have an unwritten agreement: they leave me alone and I do likewise unless there is a problem. I haven't signed a new contract since the original 12 months expired and the rent is still the same. Quarterly inspections have been once every 2 years and every time I have had a problem - washing machine and boiler have both broken down - it's been resolved within a few days. Had a couple of issues a few months ago when someone young and keen joined the LA and tried to get me to sign a renewal (2 month notice period - get lost) and raise the rent ("if you do then I'll move out"; it didn't change), but since then all has been quiet.
  7. Sounds like a genius, scam business model to me. Pretend to set up a referencing service, seed forums with news of the 'service' then charge worried/outraged tenants £10 to tell them that they aren't listed.
  8. He doesn't do it every day though, just once each way every week. Makes it the equivalent of commuting from Birmingham to London daily. Not nice, but I'm sure people do it.
  9. The correct response to any 'We will...' statement by Brown and Labour is 'Why didn't you do it in the last 12 years?'
  10. The Betfair odds on the next election are: ~69% Conservative majority ~24% hung Parliament ~6% Labour majority Go fill your boots if you think a hung parliament is looking likely.
  11. It's a 50% increase in the deposit required. If you're struggling to save for a deposit that's quite a big deal.
  12. And another one! Have these muppets not read about redundancies, pay freezes and reduced hours in the private sector?
  13. After 28 days you should get reduced rate VAT at hotels, which will make it even cheaper.
  14. Maybe a silly question, but would the GDP figures have been a lot worse without QE?
  15. I'd be interested to know how the likes of Berkeley account for off-plan purchases like these. Do they treat it as cash (the deposit) and creditor due (the balance) or cash and a depreciating asset until the balance is paid? If it's the former it sounds like there will be a lot of writing down of balance sheets to come.
  16. If that was directed at me you're very wrong.
  17. Jonathan down the market has sold a couple of 'Congratulations on your new job' cards this week.
  18. I have no objection to giving aid to genuinely poor countries, as long as it is targeted and managed properly. What I object to is giving £300m a year in aid to India, a country with its own space program (which is more than we have).
  19. You can't arb on a single exchange though, can you? They must be placing or laying bets at other bookies at the same time. The risk is always that one half of your arb won't be accepted, leaving you uncovered on the other half.
  20. Dylan

    Wasp Nest

    Our neighbours had a wasps nest at the back of their house and got the pest control people out to spray it. Unfortunately it didn't kill them straight away, so for the next 3 weeks we had dozy no-quite-dead wasps dropping from our ceiling.
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