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  1. Some of us have been worrying about scary sh!t all our lives. Now it’s actually happening*, I’m feeling pretty good. I can do this. *I’m too young to have understood the AIDS message in the 80s and everything else that has happened during my lifetime I’ve been quite ambivalent to but this? This looked like it would be real from the off in Wuhan.
  2. It used to be a community but that got hollowed out a long time ago even before the ****** cranks turned up the volume. Shadow of its former self now. And I was young when I joined 😬
  3. https://www.trafforddatalab.io/info/demographics/population/index.html HPCers in 2006: Were going to have to wait for the demographics to move in our favour... HPCers in 2020:
  4. Metrolink is opening the Trafford Park line on 22nd March. Just as the Trafford Centre owners, Intu, go bust and the corona virus closes the shops. I am calling the top of the Manchester peak. Maybe we don’t need the new airport terminal either 😬
  5. If there was one lesson HPC could have passed onto the side who lost Brexit it is that when you insult people they don’t listen. Hearts and minds, hearts and minds. I was surprised by this news but that’s where we are. The govt is using our money to do this. 🤷‍♂️ what you going to do? Vote labour? 😂
  6. After all these years, u still haven’t removed the typo in your username.
  7. Everyone left HPC because it was full of racists and Brexit deniers. Thankfully most of the racists did the honourable thing and fecked off. The Brexit deniers, not so much. Everything is still a massive cluster****** 🤷‍♂️
  8. But typically you want the stable home whilst you’re raising your kids. Not when you’re nearing retirement. Also, I’m not sure it would be much fun raising kids on < min wage + tax credits
  9. That’s a shame. WW3 will have killed us all by then.
  10. Thank god my house paid for Christmas last year 🥂
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