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  1. Don’t eat bicycles You’re a Tory lite home owner who thinks you deserve not to lose any money? (This is a fun game, can we play again?)
  2. I’d love another referendum based on truth. you could tell people that if they remain the UK govt still won’t enact any of the controlling powers they’ve had for years and if we leave the EU will demand a lot of money and make it very awkward for us.
  3. Doesn’t Kevin McCloud have one in circulation at the moment? Saw it mentioned somewhere.
  4. You hope we get your narrative because we voted for your narrative? You can’t even bring yourself to write your own distasteful commentary again.
  5. And again, the ‘Brexit the British deserve’. You are lovely aren’t you? ?
  6. You clearly do have issues. What sort of person would say they hope the UK turns into a 3rd world hole just to teach the British people a lesson? IF immigration remains an issue post Brexit, IF, that will still be a domestic political issue and the public will express their opinions, the politicos will say something about it and these actions and reactions will take us to a new position. I know it’s hard for you to take but you are not the boss.
  7. The EU is about 5 minutes old. Pursuit of a single currency has thrown several countries under the bus and the largest members have a growing populist hardcore right wing political movement. The tolerant large country without a hardcore right wing faction, the UK, decided (in a democrat referendum) it wanted to leave the EU. If that's real and proven continuing EU success, I'd hate to see things going badly.
  8. It’s a bit rich you throwing in unicorns when you are such a proponent of European peace and harmony.
  9. Doesn’t Seb Kurz look like Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) in American Psycho?
  10. It’s why I posted the EE migration story. How do you unwind this FOM disaster? If people leave to go home, the host suffers. If they don’t go home, their country of origin suffers. What then? The countries of origin get immigrants from somewhere else? Wtf? Can’t we all just get along living in our own countries, allow freedom of movement to travel and work but have measures in place to prevent destructive migratory patterns?
  11. Excellent, you've come round to our way of thinking *strokes white fluffy cat*. The trouble with that dislocation is it put the housing they would have bought into the hands of you know whom, breaking what we would know as society.
  12. No the lunacy is selling the dream of death by a thousand cuts because that is claimed to be the least worst option by the very people bringing you death by a thousand cuts. (and in this instance it’s not even the EU as such but the British political establishment)
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