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  1. It’s this ‘My way or the highway’ attitude isn’t it? I’ve previously likened this to a religion and am reminded of Henry VIII leaving the RC church. Isn’t the EU the Holy Roman Empire/RC church for the 21st century? Well that and the movie “The World’s End”.
  2. Sometimes I wonder if you are not native British. That is not a bad thing but I think at times you exhibit a spectacular misunderstanding of the British culture. As homework this weekend, I suggest you watch the Simon Pegg film, The World’s End. There will be a test on Monday. edit: I’m sorry, I made a genuine mistake in my first post by missing out the word not. I have edited it now so it is correct. I changed the wording several times before posting so as to make it sound the least bad then completely ballsed it up. Sorry.
  3. It’s why I finally decided to vote leave. You seem to be confusing the fear of doing something difficult with the fear of being subsumed into a German federal superstate. btw, your sudden sympathy for Spanish expat SL and property taxes, what’s your angle? Parents? In-laws? Sibling?
  4. Agreed. None of this stuff was on the table beforehand. Trade, tariffs, subsidies, rules, regs etc. The vast majority of the public have no idea of the sort of agreements and relationships in place. I certainly don’t!
  5. As it says, the family used to do this but we know how governments have treated families for decades now. by the way, whatever happened to convalescent homes?
  6. https://www.ftadviser.com/pensions/2017/06/07/treasury-savings-from-flat-rate-of-pension-tax-relief-revealed/ Apropos nothing, I suspect that there a bunch of people with exceedingly healthy pensions and far, far more with rubbish ones.
  7. I see that now but you were continuing to pluck numbers out of the ether and talking about downsizing like you’d never met an old person. if the average person had these pension pots, would we have a pension problem?
  8. Do these people have pet unicorns as well? retired couples with 1/2 million pound pensions each living in a 1 bed flat
  9. Can I just say I ******ing love driving. Even in the anodyne shit box of an excuse for a car that I own. Driving on the motorway, in town, the open road, stuck in traffic. I ******ing love it all. Long live the car.
  10. EU citizens will still benefit so you're wrong there. I doubt many of them will be grateful but, hey, you can't have everything.
  11. I wanted to post on a thread but once I could actually find it (via google I might add) it turns out the thread has been archived and closed. why? It wasn’t moderator locked, didn’t seem controversial.
  12. The UK drags in immigrants from poorer European nations, they get richer, is there much real evidence that these people go home or do they stay because the UK is richer? Isn’t this shown by our increasing population? Then there is the demographic disaster in their home nations, how is that solved? Because a load of productive people have upped stocks to move abroad? Where do these countries find immigrants from? Admitting even poorer countries into the EU to encourage migration to the new tier of middling nations or allow millions of asylum seekers from outside the EU into the EU to help the economy? if so what has been achieved? There is more money about but at what cost to the society’s within those countries? This isn't a union of economic assistance, that’s blatant social engineering. @pig you can sneer all you like at what you think is stupidity and madness. I hope you address your concerns to the EU Troika too and see where that gets you.
  13. At times like this I break out into the “Everything’s Rosie” theme tune instead. Try it.
  14. It’s a just temporary boost to the figures due to all the Remain Ultras preppers stocking up on champagne, chocolate, tulips and beemers.
  15. A box? You lucky lucky *******. when I was growing up, all we had was a pothole.
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