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  1. Er, thanks... The S6 is a nice car but about £10k over budget. Even a V6T S4 is over budget. To be honest I don’t think either of these would offer the required level of comfort either.
  2. I’m looking for something a bit more tasty as my next car. The wife likes the E70 X5 but I would prefer something a little more car like, maybe the F07 5GT. I’m probably looking at at something on a 61/12 plate. Where would you be looking for something practical, quick, comfortable, luxurious and capable of a few years of 12k miles service?
  3. If you saw someone drowning in a river, would you just stand and watch?
  4. Not a scam, normal format. It costs 32x monthly payment + fees (£300?) for the 2 years hire
  5. Shall I make it clearer? They = EU = Germany Despite international consensus, pushed through a recovery plan that was nothing of the sort. Only their banking fraternity mates recovered not Greece.
  6. Who wouldn't say that whilst they're actually sitting at the table with their dinner guests? (Although its the EU with recent form for stabbing you in the back after dinner) (literally, well after a dinner, no-one was literally stabbed)
  7. Of course Hairy is just proffering his opinion. Everything is up for re-negotiation. Besides if Brexit is as calamitous as we keep being told, they'll be lucky to get pennies in the pound. They watched over a 25% fall in the GDP of Greece when they were trying to 'help' even though everyone else told them it was wrong. What makes anyone think they'll be at all interested in 'helping' us?
  8. I find this quite sinister. What are you saying? An EU trade deal will prevent them from trading with us on equal/better footing?
  9. This is absurd and CoVI has said it himself. There is no negotiation the whole thing is a leaving process. An arbitrary time of 2 years plucked out of the big EU rules bible. To say otherwise is deliberately disingenuous. Almost everything public from Euro has been "we will destroy you! we will show you why leaving is bad!" Just like Greece.
  10. Could you put a figure at what you think is acceptable accrued pension for someone at say 40 who has been contributing to a DB pension? How much of a pot would you think is ok, say based upon comparison to private pension and 4% annuity? Just trying to gauge where I stand myself in the grand scheme of things - as a normal person. Not you, not a feckless gimp, somewhere comforatbal win the middle.
  11. You mean you don't care about your landlord's carpets? Stone him.
  12. Come off it Sledgie, a grown man with a penchant for state subsidised public transport bankrolled by a state broadcaster? He ain’t no Thatcherite
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