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  1. Its not about selling sex, if a person wants to sell their body for trinkets then thats up to them. Its whether the person is in control of whom they sell to (as in the later example of the woman who slept with a bloke for 4 years) and what they are getting out of the deal. Presumably that woman didn't shack up with a psychopath, must have vaguely attracted to the guy and had the other resources to walk out at any moment if she wanted to. That would be choice. Her behaviour though was very poor unless the bloke was in a position to know fully what was going on too. If so and he was happy with that then its a fair mutual agreement. Putting vulnerable desperate people in a position where they even have to consider selling their body to put a roof over their head is where we're going wrong.
  2. Ditto on the reasonably bit. Nice food now costs money.
  3. We’ve seen this, right? https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/feb/22/casual-dining-crunch-jamies-italian-strada-byron-struggling They fail Because they’re not very good
  4. Great, so we’ve climbed down from ‘it will’ to ‘it might well be’. Something smells there, either a quality or cost issue with you acquaintance. Someone has mentioned elsewhere about build costs, shall we go at £1000-1500 per sq m for an extension? Loft conversions should be significantly less. But it if you’re looking for cheap immediate monthly payments, here’s an Audi I have for sale for £299 per month...
  5. Listen ******-face, she didn’t ****** you because of your housing status. For whatever reason (and it’s clearly not obvious from your posts why she would) she liked you, a lot. That’s why she ******ed you. Women (and men) being coerced, manipulated or forced into sleeping with a landlord just because finding somewhere affordable to live is bloody difficult is a serious subject. Show some ******ing respect to people less fortunate than yourself.
  6. I feel so sorry for your wife that you view/insult her in this way
  7. Because the vast majority of women choose not to sell their bodies to every abusive low life they encounter.
  8. Why are you converting your loft when @Futuroid tells me it is cheaper to buy a bigger house?
  9. Seriously? builders and kitchen butchers who are any shade of ‘not completely shit’ will not need any SEO ********.
  10. I don’t know. I hope he’s off doing something he enjoys.
  11. I don’t know who’s paying you but loving your work at the moment @kzb please keep it up.
  12. There are places I remember, all my life though some have changed.
  13. This thread used to be bouncing. Now we’re riding an epic wave of hubris. Apparently Altrincham is the hottest thing since Hotty McHothot flew too close to the sun and her Gucci wings burst into flames. We’ll see, we’ll see.
  14. Every corrupt mismanaged business needs a patsy. Nice to see some fresh faces in here although I see the government classes still have sloping shoulders.
  15. Do landlords ever change their spots? I'm not sure you're getting my M.O... I should be looking for something Chindian but there's something slutty about the X5 Could have sworn this was in OT
  16. What do you consider to be "local" employment? Train to Manchester and access to M56 makes Warrington and even Chester possible. Still quite a few decent jobs in the Wilmslow/Macc areas as well. edit ( I won't even mention Sheffield/Leeds as you would have to be certifiably mad to want to head east everyday )
  17. More FUD can’t be forced out but they would have to fall on their sword... have you ever met a Greek? But that last bit is a cracker, clearly solutions to all EU problems boil down to what looks good in German domestic politics. And that, in the words of Bannattyne, is why “I’m out”. And you are in denial.
  18. The crazy fools think they’re middle class. They’re so going to get torn a new one.
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