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  1. He is saying he is so myopic, he can never see outside his perfect bubble. Another one of the not my fault brigade
  2. Do you ever visit the world outside of your perfect bubble? (See also millennial comments)
  3. I’m sure their parents were good people... “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
  4. Don’t blame them, they were just following orders...
  5. Apparently Ireland is also at a standstill because of the weather so that must be Brexit’s fault as well.
  6. This is not off topic, this is the main forum, this is an issue about housing not feminism. Certain posters are now singlehandly arguing against the whole raison d’etre (sp?) of this website by saying some things in life aren’t fair so suck it up - literally.
  7. As I have always said, I blame the parents. To be fair, so did Larkin.
  8. Point him to the council who will see if he and his family have the right to be housed. They are unlikely to want to physically penetrate him even if you do. but whatever floats your particular boat my boy.
  9. Or you give her some money and don’t sleep with her. or you give her alternative accommodation and don’t sleep with her or you help her find some charitable organisation that can help. whatever you do, YOU DON’T ****** HER! omfg, this is so ******ed up.
  10. Well you got my position wrong you are now also clearly arguing that because some women would give you sex if you bought them a few vodkas and a kebab any woman who accepts a gift from a man is agreeing to sell their body. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.
  11. Where do you stand on sex grooming and sex trafficking? Please enlighten us.
  12. It’s not a valid point at all. You are now arguing that exploitation is ok. Good luck with that. I await your incisive journalistic counter-report on this matter...
  13. I can’t work out whether rent for sex is cheap housing (it’s free innit? ) or expensive housing because most people wouldn’t pay that price. Also does this make the ‘normal’ rent arrangements more or less expensive than they would otherwise be? Is rent for sex adding or taking away supply? Would these predators not rent out their rooms if they couldn’t take sex and payment? Either we could do with a clear assessment of the situation without this even more exploitative behaviour than usual.
  14. I didn’t think it necessary to explain that so something some people would consider mildly unpleasant in exchange for reasonable reward was very different from sharing a roof with a predator who wants to own your vagina/rectum. These situations you are conflating are very different. You seem to be arguing that being paid to wear skimpy clothes in public is the same as being sexually exploited by a landlord - which is the sort of feminazi agenda I would expect you to argue with?
  15. Do France, Italy, Germany and Spain have a load of rubbish pirate equity restaurant chains? I know Greece doesn’t.
  16. I haven’t seen the show yet (but have read the full accompanying web article and read about this issue before as it is a housing issue not a gender one) and made clear in my posts that this affects men and women. The chippendales angle though is complete bunkum
  17. Well if you’ve got a scoop that the Chippendales exploit young vulnerable homeless men and make them dance for horny old women then I suggest you write your story and go to the press. You could be some sort of men’s rights activist. well you could if that wasn’t all ********.
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