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  1. Valid observations, or just more VI spin? http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/story.aspx?storyid=8354
  2. Hi Ianbe, I predict somewhere between 0-10% over the next year and continued growth over the medium to long term. Here in Belfast, the mood is still very positive. There are massive regeneration plans in progress (Titanic Quarter, Victoria Square, Cathedral Quarter etc) and many investors from the South of Ireland (where prices are relatively higher) are now buying up property in the North. Added to this, IF interest rates start to decrease this will increase affordability and continue to drive the prices upwards. That's my assessment
  3. I'm quite happy with my BTL rate of return so far, having dived in last summer... But then again, I bought in Northern Ireland
  4. I missed the recent Trevor MacDonald program about Rosie Millard and was wondering if someone could upload it here as an MPeg?
  5. Anyone know when the April Halifax report will be out?
  6. Well, I guess I don't have half a brain then Hay, well done for selling up in time!
  7. Hi Bandwagon, Thanks for your input. I agree with a lot of what you say about SA investing. In my case SA property is only 1/7 of my property portfolio. Having said that I'm still very happy with the potential for the area that I bought into - Bellville. The rental demand is very high and there's still plenty of Capital growth in my opinion. The World Cup 2010 will be a major driving factor for property prices in certain parts of SA for the next few years. I spent 30 years in South Africa and lived in Cape Town from 1993 until 2001. Hence I was able to purchase with knowledge of the local a
  8. That's a relief! I was beginning to think it was part of a greater conspiracy
  9. Thanks for the welcome, Dr B. I agree the easy exit has gone. It's always easy to time the market perfectly in retrospect. I'm not so bothered about timing the market - it's time in the market that matters to me. Plus my property portfolio includes Northern Ireland and Cape Town, where gains are still looking quite positive for the short term as well as long term.
  10. Another example of a sweeping generalisation. Not every property behaves according to national price averages. There are so many other factors to take into consideration before implying that every landlord's assets are going to plummet, for example: purchase price location
  11. Is the fact that it showed a 0.9% rise just coincidental?
  12. So in other words, Dr B, you're saying that every landlord who didn't choose to sell last year is either stupid or a newby? That's quite a sweeping generalisation don't you think?
  13. Does anybody know why the latest Nationwide report (April) hasn't been added to the Statistics on the HPC homepage?
  14. Here's one bull for you... Just quietly content to hold onto his portfolio and to ride out any storm that may arise, even supplimenting with other income if necessary... overall, very optimistic about the long term prospects... (Good thing my portfolio includes property in Northern Ireland) By the way, does anybody know why the latest Nationwide report (April) hasn't been added to the Statistics on the HPC homepage?
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