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  1. not sure that consitutes a crash! the drop in price of £20k for one house in North Manchester is hardly scientific is it - it couldnt be down to any number of reasons. As for your assertion that you "have noticed last 12 months harder to sell" - give this guy a prize!!!!
  2. I know - they guy is talking bullshiit! Beetham/Hilton Tower got enormous free publicity for obvious reasons - developers allocate between 3-5% of GDV for the combined marketing and sales agents costs Well done you for buying in Century Building - probably my favourite apartment building in Manchester - however, havent you had serious sevice charge/management issues??
  3. You have just repeated everything I just said. I'm relatively young and relatively old! As for Chorlton being a "traffic disaster zone" and 2 bed flats everywhere - there is zero justification for that - it only takes ten minutes to get into town - it possibly takes an extra five minutes to get through it in at 9am or 6pm but thats about it. Yeah sure W Didsbury has its problems along Burton Road, but again not too serious. In my opinion Firswood and Chorlton would be the best parts of Manchester to invest over the next 5 years because of the tram extension. P.S. Tmperley is still relativel
  4. Firstly, you missed the point - I said you dont want anything over £250k. The city centre market is still relatively bouyant - some might say its depressed but imo that is only in comparison to the market over the past 5 years - its not like it used to be which was as easy as shooting fish in a barrell!! I have never really seen the attraction on Alti or Hale myself unless you have kids - if I was looking outside of the city centre I would look at Chorlton or West Didsbury which are the great parts of Manchester and easy to get in and out of the city centre.
  5. Want that more due to holding and on-site cost and initial over valuation rather than anything to do with the market. Penthouses have in the main been very difficult to shift in Manchester and developers seem to now be shying away from them at the moment. If you have any 2 bed under £250k then you should be relatively safe with that.
  6. Check land registry data for the areas you want to look at - I believe the North Wales increase is mainly due to two reasons, firstly it relative affordability and secondly the planning moratorium on new homes across Cheshire which means a lot of overspill into Wrexham, Buckley, Llangollen etc
  7. North Wales is beautiful, try looking at Llangollen, Betwys-y-Coed, Abergele, Deganwy, Conwy etc. not to metion Abersoch aka Cheshire on Sea I agree that Rhyl does have a bad name and acknowledge that its not the locals that has got it that name but those DSSers from England, however, the property prices in North Wales have increased way above those in England over the past 12 months.
  8. just dont buy it then you idiot!
  9. I believe Sainsburys have just signed up as the anchor tenants of the new precinct that is to be developed in Urmston. I wouldnt worry about the Manchester market, developers have realised they cant sell to many apartments over £250,000 .and are mow concentrating on developing apartments that are smaller and more afforable
  10. North Wales in general has been slow to follow the house price growth in close by Merseyside and Cheshire. However, its the past 18 months it caught up quite a bit. Rhyl, however, is a tip and was once described to me as "the town that stinks of pizz" - take that as you want. To the west end of the town near the fun park and bridge there are plans for a large new development, however, that is some time off, apart from that its got a relatively poor reputation
  11. Why not try Julie Twist or even King Stge as they seem to have good knowledge of the scheme (which in my opinion is one of, if not the, best scheme in Manchester
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