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  1. But we can't start asking questions like this without going further and asking if the tax system as a whole is fair. Maybe these people ought to be being paid more in the first place, then the question of UC wouldn't arise in this form.
  2. Qetesuesi

    I've never been more ashamed to be British.

    Note that sign "Putin's puppet". Nobody ever complained (on the streets) about a UK PM being Brussels' puppet for example, not even Tony Blair when he was close to taking us into the Euro....
  3. Qetesuesi

    It No Longer Pays To Go To Work

    Time to visit Specsavers mate 😄 Or maybe a shrink 😅
  4. Qetesuesi

    I've never been more ashamed to be British.

    Actually it's pretty clear that some outlets have been painting him blacker than he is. E.g. the claim that he attempted to take credit for saving the Thai boys. I read his tweet and it didn't come across like that at all, just giving a heads-up to the US contribution to the rescue.
  5. She also said that without the Euro there is no Europe. Need she really be surprised, then, if the UK decided to become fully detached from the EU? Merkel Liechtenstein please pay attention.
  6. Qetesuesi

    Busy parents, depressed children ...

    Why "However"? You mean "Therefore." Rantzen is quite right. And as ever, many parents (particularly mothers) could indeed stay at home if housing costs weren't so high.
  7. When, how long ago, was it "not like that"? As far as I recall, even years ago there was plenty of it. Might as well ask why the Indy's comments sections are regular SJW-fests. People tend to sort themselves out into their echo chambers over time. But I'd suggest more think in a stereotypically DM way than a stereotypically Indy way.
  8. Qetesuesi

    How many tower blocks will be condemned?

    Not much, just anything non-engineering related. Has anyone ever seen CR comment on anything cultural or metaphysical? Perhaps "he"'s IBM's Watson.
  9. By anyone who commutes or otherwise travels regularly between Leicester and Warrington, I'd say.
  10. Qetesuesi

    Votes Per MP

    In what sense was 2015 in particular a dog's dinner?
  11. Ahem - you may have to revise your glowing opinion of Mr Davis: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4591382/How-David-Davis-talked-holding-snap-election.html
  12. Qetesuesi

    Black Swan Coated With Crude Oil

    To be fair I don't see how the mere severing of diplomatic relations between oil producers would affect the export of oil from them to faraway customers with no skin in their beef. There's no hot war imminent is there?
  13. Which is why, in a nutshell, sooner or later, Brexit was bound to happen. The Brits as a whole would definitely rather leave the EU than join the Euro. If anything other countries should leave the Euro - either Germany or certain southern states. Unsavoury as in, they stand for life, marriage and personal discipline - obviously far too old-fashioned for your 'savour'. As "Brextard" appears to be a coinage of your own word-smithy, perhaps you'd oblige us all by also supplying the definition? Dino bones don't tell their own story - humans look at them and make one up.
  14. Clemenceau's law? Having said that, it's for sure that many, probably older party members tore up their cards when Cameron - and May - decided to stick it to marriage in 2013. Nemesis has sure been a bitch for them both.
  15. To be fair, judging by the camera pan of the audience at that point, I didn't see more than half the audience clapping so that would be the lefty half. They can clap as hard as they like, and fair enough, given the seat never went red even in the Blair landslides. Credit to Comrade Jeremy and team. As for the snowflake in the bubble, to discerning minds it actually shows how ignorant and/or brainwashed a lot of the yoof are, and puts a whole new perspective on why such a demographic (a) voted big to remain last June and (b) voted big for Jeremy just now. Frankly though, now is a very poor historical vantage point from which to view people in a seeming fit of sodomania - future historians will simply shake their heads at how they totemised something with no objective public benefit whatsoever. I did find the bloke I think ccc meant, not very eloquent at that, basically saying Brexit would ruin us - not sure why Brexiter ccc would think that worth noting?

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