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  1. What a snob!!! you do know kingston used to be made up of largly just working class people back in 60's,70's and 80's and even the 90's, and who either owned thier own home or was council, its bloody people like you, and all the other stuck ups with loads of money who are pushing up the silly prices making people who are 2nd or 3rd generation locals move out because they cant afford to live near family and friends anymore and ripping communitys apart, sick of rich people pushing out working class, this happened to fulham in the early 80's and now happening again in the surburbs of london after being forced out of fulham by the yuppies and over flow of kensington, its like a vicious circle, Makes me sick, theres so many really nice people who live in council propeties, some of my own family live in them, how dare you judge! how dare you, my family are NOT low life scum to be tarred with a same brush speaches on the internet by keyboard snobby over paid warriors, bloody snobs the lot of you who talk such utter rubbish!
  2. Have you been in any rentals in my area, lately............I could tell you horror stories of my present rental, and of others in the same price bracket, I understand what your saying but if I wanted a quality rental round here it would cost 2000 amonth. Landlords dont care what the house is like as long as they get their money.............
  3. Funny, I could have sworn this site was about house price crashes, but it seems they are more worried about grammer and fonts........why bother replying with useless info and comments homer........... as for your comment on not buying, I suppose I should carry on paying someone elses mortgage, shall I
  4. Ive spoken to many brokers and they all say the the same thing 95% only avail if you put in 5% plus builders deposit which equals 90% go figure
  5. The house will be sold by that time to someone else, that really helps
  6. "tell the builder that due to the present financial knock on effect of the credit crunch, you are unable to go through with the deal unless they knock down the price or pay the 10K towards the deposit." Asked and they said not a chance..........................
  7. Judging by some of these comments, I would say homer simpson has a higher I Q than some of the poeple on here, as for the sensible ones its not the gift deposit that done the damage, it was the panic before and during the northern rock crisis. Because mortgage companies panicked and tightened their belts, they pulled mortgages and changed the criteria. this is the problem banks dont want to lend money because they get charged higher rates to borrow themselves, hence making people have 90% mortgages only. This will now slow the market down by dropping the number of 1st time buyers, they are the key to the market, this will now slow down house prices and increase reppossesions because remortgages in sub prime market will be harder to get, thus a price crash will follow. this i have been told, i wait to see if that is true
  8. Did i ever write once that I was buyng in Kingston?, why assume that I am, bit obvious I am not by the price isnt it
  9. Hmm weird font huh, it is century gothic, its called using the font changes whilst in type!, you want to try it, or you not allowed on here judging by some of the responses !. Anyway, we was buying a 4 bed new build for £200.000 with a builder deposit we would have had a mortgage for £1250 repayments a month, yes I am paying rent for a 3 bed house in kingston upon thames area at £1400 pcm, that's how much they go for around here, its NOT a huge, its a bog standard 3 bed semi !!, so I dont understand why the suprise to that, unless you live in a really cheap area, then that might make your eyes water. Hope this clarifys some things
  10. We was in the motions of getting a 95% mortgage for a builders gift deposit on a new build, we was fed up with renting, and because we was paying 1400 a month in rent evey month, we found it almost impossiable to save up a deposit for buying a home at todays prices, so thought this would be a good way on getting on the ladder as having a mortgage is cheaper to pay back than the rent per month, well we cant seem to get a 95% mortgage at all, we had 3! that said yes in principle, then at vey last min, decided to pull the product off the market!!!!, this is 3 times now, and for same reason, product not avaliable anymore, seems to me there is defo a big credit crunch going on with lenders, they are tightening up big time, and its squeezing out the first time buyers like us out. We are gutted, but theres nothing we can do, we will just have to go on paying huge rents for someones else mortgage until something happens.
  11. Saw this, Makes an intresting read http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1229718,00.html
  12. Hi I want to give you our experiance, we had a three bed semi house up for sale last febuary 2005 in Chessington Surrey, it took us till january 2006 to get an offer on it, it was alovely house, nothing inside needed doing much to it, big rooms, large garden, it was intailly valued at £325.00K, which we was suprised at, we thought it was a bit over the top, but EA assured us that is what its worth, after being on the market for that long, we decided to reduce it by 35K, but because it had been on the market for that long, the buyers must had thought there was something wrong with it, the sale was very slow still, we did eventually sell it in January this year (the sale took ages and ages to go through, thats another story) at £294.00K, after since moved out, we have seen 2 others sold in same street, fews doors away for over £300K , same condition and size as ours was, begger belief, I even rand our old EA and chatted with him about it, he tells us its the vendors that our putting their own price on,, Unbelivable that is a period of 3 months prices are going up in my old street yet again...... see for yourself here this sold at this price http://www.findaproperty.com/agent.aspx?ag...&pid=549809, dont have a link to my old house sale, they took it off now, but that house was almost identical to my old one. Another example of the looney prices happening in Chessington Surrey, friends of ours sold their house a 2bed terreace for £172K in late febraury 2006, someone has gone in, put in a new cheap kitchen and cheap batheroom, and paved the drive, and painetd it out, and cheap new carpets everywhere, how i know because my friends who moved out of the area asked if i would go and view it just to see what they had done, they missed thier old house!! dont ask me why... anyway i did view, and its just had a rushed make over job done to it, nothing special really, yet its back on the market for £40 K more!!!! and see here the property http://www.findaproperty.com/agent.aspx?ag...p;photo=1#photo How can they ask that much more for a tin of paint job, cheap kitchen and bathroom, well some of th bathroom was done, etc, and few months later its back on for £40K more, madness, just to prove what they sold at, look here at no 37 (hpe that link works) http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php?co...rthingToSearch=
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