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  1. I posted today and failed to check the date of the post I was replying to. Bad form! Sorry about bringing a dead post back to life, I'll just take my coat and beat a hasty retreat..................
  2. No big crash is going to happen until the banks start repossessing and/or interest rates go up. Lack of mortgages hasn't sent prices plummeting yet. Prices are going to drift about as they have been doing for the last couple of years. Some months prices go up, some they go down but nothing really to get excited about. Big crash? I can't see it happening for a while yet. Maybe if the Eurozone finally decides to fall apart. As to buying a council house, why not? That is luck, along side buying a house in 1996. Wouldn't buy a house with an old lady though. If you felt like taking advantage of the situation, read her tenancy agreement. It might have some clauses about adding people to the agreement that enables you to keep the house if she dies.... Don't shoot me for saying that, I didn't make the rules up!!!!! And those rules are clearly ripe for abuse............
  3. "I was aged 17, and on income support/housing benefit due to my lack of parental support." I said that in my second post. My wife says that these days 17 year olds get put into care, I got a bedsit after getting no help from anyone. I got into all sorts of situations about homelessness by the time I turned 18 and it is not nice. By the age of 22 I was really fed up of being messed around with regards to housing, and that was when I I got a decent job. Done the no address thing, got around that by blagging my mate into letting me use his address while I sofa surfed. I have done the whole ill/loss of job/loss of house thing. Delusional? No, hell no. Harsh yes. Just think that right now you have a nice place to live, but what happens if you fall ill/ lose your job? My life has taught me to plan for that and I have no hesitation in telling others to have a back up plan. Just in case. And that is all down to self management. As you say karma can throw you a rough ride, but some good old self reliance and planning can make the ride a whole lot smoother. By pointing out that if you work out your affairs you won't go homeless, is that a bad thing? I don't think it is.
  4. I was aged 17, and on income support/housing benefit due to my lack of parental support. I managed through good management of my very small finances. I have been through the mill of looking for a home while low on money, but prior planning and good financial management is required, a lesson I learned from an early age. Living within your means, that is a choice. Taking drugs/drink and becoming an addict, another choice. I have been booted out at short notice once, one weeks notice and found myself a flat while on income support. (I was studying A levels at this time.) Getting into debt, that is a choice. Every debt you take on is a choice, and that has a risk when you take it on. Will your income drop? Will you lose your job? Have you got no savings? I always have some money tucked away for a rainy day, a lesson learned years ago. I have lost my job, the house that went with it and my wife had a baby all in the same month. Bad planning! Still I managed to sort that out and find a home to live in through good planning and some effort. Housing benefit not covering your rent? Move to another part of the country. Any changes to benefits come with lots of warning, another choice to live in expensive areas. Can't get benefits? Either you are from another part of the world, and you made your choice to come here, or learn how to play the system better, another choice. When I lost my job, I didn't take it, I got pro active and looked at all my options and did some research. May be I just have some get up and go, but I fail to see how a person with good management gets homeless in this day and age. Been there, seen it, done it. Drunk my money up the wall in my youth, been evicted for a dispute with a land lady, given notice by landlords under the 6 month tenancy agreements, no family home to go to whilst at uni in the summer holidays, losing a job of many years while in debt, getting into debt and worrying about it due to loss of job, kipping on my mates sofas, having notice served and not having a deposit, I could go on, and that is why I say what I said in my previous post. Don't think I am pleading hardship, far from it, but back when I did my A levels and got into uni, I did it living in a bedsit on income support and I haven't met any one else who has done this. I am still hard at work, trying to make life better for myself and I know damn well that at any minute I could be homeless again through bad management of my own affairs.
  5. If you are homeless, than it just means you have rubbish self management. No sympathy what so ever for anyone who gets homeless, there is enough help out there to prevent you from sleeping under the sky.
  6. I am currently debating going back to uni and was looking into financing it. I have a job at the mo but I do not like the travel that goes with it. Long months away, its rubbish, feel like doing something else, and uni is one of those things. Okay, Plymouth Council has a housing benefit calculator, Inland Revenue has a tax credit calculator. http://www.plymouth.gov.uk/benefitcalculator Now IF I bred like a rabbit and churned out four kids, I'd get around 5200 quid child tax credits, on my wife working 15 hrs a week at 6.6 quid an hour, and me on 4100 student loan. I'd pay no council tax and the government pays for this house for me to live in (not quite, I'd have to chip in a fiver a month), http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-869...1&tr_t=rent What the hell is going on? The house is in a nice area in Plymouth, and the rent is 950 pounds a month. I could never ever live in a house like that nice looking gaff in Plymouth. (Well I could, but I wouldn't have much of a life if I rented it on my wages.) Could not even buy the bloody thing. Why does the government push private housing? If they knocked together a few council houses, surely in the long term it would be cheaper then letting private land lords get their pensions paid by the taxpaying public? 950 pounds a month, over a year thats 11400, over 10 years thats 114000. That is enough to build a 4 bed house, not to sure about the land, but the council could find some, say buy a cheap bit of farm land, then knock up a few council houses on it. Over the long term that would reduce our council tax bills as we would be paying less on the housing benefits. When I was younger, my old dear got her house taken off her by court order (1992, funny that), the mortgage company lost a bit of cash, and I ended up living in a 3 bed council flat, rent 26 quid a week. Shortly after I left the old dear to it and moved into a private bedsit, rent 35 quid a week. I don't know how much cheaper council housing is in this day and age, but surely it would be a bucket load cheaper than lashing out sh*te loads of cash into the private sector. Not that any councils have any housing left. I still cannot get over the fact that i could blag such a nice house if I dossed out onto the dole/uni. Makes you wonder why you work all the hours under the sun when you can just do nothing and live in a house that many aspire to. Is it cheaper for the state to provide council houses or pay for private rents to land lords with maintenance and all that stuff taken into account? Another whinge, i earn 26k a year, after tax thats around 20k. Tax credits for 4 kids 5200 childbenefit 18+3*11=2652 housing benefit
  7. margam boy said: As for the USA it is a totally different and comparing with the UK is hard, It is far larger and people can move from state to state with ease, ....We are an island and land is limited, its not so easy to cross the border into another country. isn't japan an island? shortage of land? house prices dropping for years? big bubble years ago? hmmm hmm............ public perception changing and a spot of credit tightening and the slide begins, its happened before, but thats right, its different this time........................
  8. over the last week, i've been thinking, yes yes, here we go! i was watching blomberg last night with interest, they had a bit on about the sub prime mortgages in the usa, saying how much shares in these are tanking............. today, i saw the markets rise a bit, i've read bullish and bearish things, and i am left thinking i'll never afford a house. i've read about hips, these could send prices up (or down, or neither, cos they'll be scrapped) Interest rates needing to go above 6%, how? oil seems to have crept up, not enough for inflation to go bonkers.. its not even good enough to save, cos i'm just helping the devil idiot brown out. i've also read that the economy is good and strong.... market deregulation, whatever that is all about, seems to me that these days i can't have kids, the wife must work to buy a house. Bloody bra burners and thatcher. do i love her or hate her? her legacy still goes on! i've seen about 10 million graphs showing that affordability is high/low, whatever the poster wants. i think that if me and the wife can't buy a house on a joint mortgage and have kids, then prices are to high. my wife has gone part time, thats a few k down the shi**er, and now there is no way i can have a house, cos i've decided to have kids. part time because of a kid. there are some some bearish things, the independent ea's say house prices are going down, this to me, is the only ray of light...... that and the yen carry trade. i drink tea and fix things for a living, mentioned carry trade in work today, and house prices crashing, person i was talking to said, i've just got a house and in two years time, i'll mew and btl. that pretty much said to me that i'll sit back and wait. and wait. ******** to it, my mate's granddad is going into care, and is being forced to sell his house. my mate is struggling to scrape the cash together to buy it. this leaves me thinking why are we so obsessed with buying a house when the state will nick it back when we get a bit old? why can't young people buy houses? i'm lost in a rant....... another thing, couple's are not having children, they are buying houses. fastforward a few decades, who is going to help these couples out when they get old? the state no doubt., as these people will have no kids to do it for them. Labour = the death of the family. Outsourcing of jobs to asia. how is this good for us? bear stuff. I think that we are doing the usual, lets get hopeful thing, to just get kicked in the happy sack again by the tanker called hpi.............. i am a bear, just a bear who faces a long winter of waiting for sunny times....... ps i bet interest rates stay on hold. If they go up, so will the alcohol level in my bloodstream!!!!!!! i'll be off down the pub, to have a pint or two.
  9. I Like The Forum And Some Of The Advice, But if many had not taken the advice given......................... advice is a wonderful thing, it is one person's opinion(or many, as in this case....), you don't have to take it. as me gran said, there is no point in crying over what if's..........
  10. I know i've got the points for Oz and Canada, would absolutely love to leave Blighty, but the trouble and strife, she say NO! Something about missing her family. :angry: My uncle moved to the states, his wife refused, 15 years later (good going really), they divorced. They used to see each other 2 or 3 times a year......... How many other people have been stopped from leaving because of their other halves wanting to stay?
  11. When I buy a house, i'll die in it. I hate moving with a passion, its the curse of the renter. when you lot go on about renting being good at the moment, you never really discuss the drudgery that is shifting boxes of boll**ks your wife won't let you sling, from one rented house to another. My wife wants to move rented house, she wants a 3 bed, so the in laws can stay. Totally off topic I know, i just wanted a whinge.
  12. why get so wound up over that curry woman? she had it away with the most boring bloke in the universe. http://www.critpsynet.freeuk.com/NewsoftheWorld.htm Obviously, the woman has no taste or any sense. Wasn't she in government the last time house prices went tits up?
  13. the wooden box being a coffin? harsh, but fair........hehehehehe
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