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  1. Good point we are on the wrong thread - but in the end these points are related to peoples views on affordability If people in Tuffers position have doubts about STR they may be able to consider downsizing for the time being in order to hedge their bets However I think we can be fairly certain the market is not in for the the type of sharp rises which would have made STR a bad decision in recent years
  2. Oh well.. If the old have less to spend and there are more of them then that should reduce inflationary pressure = relatively low interest rates However many finding it tough may leave the country if they see a better option abroad My parents were both retired and moved to the Irish Republic in 1993 - It had a slower pace of life and they were in a healthier location in the countryside near to the coast. Also the crime rate was low. To them it was reminiscent of how England used to be in the 1950's However things have changed during recent years - The crime rate has increased they have all
  3. Is your scenario under Labour or the Tories? The current Gov't inflation target is 2% and the Tories would probably be going for economic growth so deflation is highly unlikely
  4. Absolutely! We still have low inflation and relatively low IR's - But they need to build more residential property to make it more affordable
  5. Some may have mis-planned but people who got into BTL in 2003 or before should be doing ok - especially those who started in the late 90's or before that These people show the traits of sensible investors who are not content to trust pensions alone and the report is proving them right It's preferable to have some additional pension investment as it's tax efficient and along with property and the right level of personal insurances seems about as good as you can get It's a shame some people have not planned sufficiently for their futures believing the state pension would go further than it
  6. I'm still not convinced BTLers will sell in large enough quantities to cause a market-wide crash Late comer BTLers could be in trouble. However they may not need to sell all their portfolio, only the one's they are struggling to find tennents for As long as a property has a tennant, where they have a repayment mortgage they should be able to restructure their repayments
  7. How prices could recover: 1)new B2L boom? 2)FTB's who were priced out buying in droves? I agree the market seems overvalued and hope affordability improves for FTB's However what about the 'metric' that for each property of £100k a BTLer eventually owns that should bring at least £450-£500 in income (after an initial deposit of £15k, tax on earnings and maintenence of course) That has to be worth something?
  8. These days it doesn't have to go down far before a raft of new buyers step in it seems...
  9. I already realised that's what was being implied! But some of us are interested in facts so I just wanted to check if it's a fact rather than just assuming...
  10. Ask the EA - He could be retiring or consolidating...
  11. Also from the link: "Did Halifax get it right in 2005? No, it predicted a small fall in prices. The market proved a little more robust than predicted due to high levels of employment and continued economic growth." Dash it - They were bears in 2005 and got it wrong then as well!!
  12. In her case it was the Husband who needed a drink!
  13. Opposition parties are always making up policies to attempt to suit the political climate of the day - Then they get in power and don't uphold their promises If we count the Lib-Dems out then we are nothing more than a 2 party state! What's so good about lurching between Con & Lab? The only reason we get change is when one of these parties has alienated enough people Also you mention spending money in Iraq but the Lib-Dems were the only main party to oppose the war! (However, maybe we will get a share of Iraqi oil profits to pay for it eventually) What we need is a party offering a lon
  14. Yes, It seems the 'vested interests' of the wealthy are a priority Multi-National companies rule as they can 'legally' tap the worlds wealth
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