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  1. Try this current account table from the CIA for a more accurate picture of 'competitiveness': https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbo...r/2187rank.html
  2. Guessing it's because Nixon ended the gold standard in '72. Wonder if the path towards fiat currency breakdown is booms & busts of ever increasing magnitude?
  3. This timely news has changed everything. They will clearly be giving petrol away free in the supermarkets next year. Hurrah!
  4. Those patio heaters are unbelievable. Toast your head and warm up the planet at the same time! Plug in electrical air fresheners aren't the world's greatest inventions, either.
  5. IMO, Cuckoo is a good indicator of what worries VIs.
  6. Getting car or airplane fuel out of tar sands must be energy intensive and not terribly productive. Natural gas is also needed for electricity generation. Nuclear will most probably be used in the UK, but that's a whole other subject. It's obvious that it's better to do more with less, but what do you think all those soldiers & civilians are dying for in the Middle East? IMO, it's the Production Sharing Agreements on the Iraqi light sweet crude. The UK has 40% of the wind energy of the whole of the European continent blowing over our windy little island, some of the highest tidal ranges in the world, and lots of Altantic waves. The government is so busy fighting over the oil they have only just woken up to the fact they need pay attention to the other part of the equation.
  7. Making diamonds artifically takes a huge amount of energy. It's like a bank account. The sun's energy has grown plants & tiny animals, which died, formed sediment and got converted into coal, oil and gas through geological pressure and chemistry over millions of years. All the fossil fuels were a big credit in the energy bank account - The sun's daily input, but compounded over time. Now we've blown a lot/most of our bank account by burning everything in a comparatively short space of time, in about a century. We're going to have to start being a lot more careful with the remaining fossil fuels in the account, whilst coming to terms to only having the sun's daily input for energy (we can also use the moon in tidal barrages). We have to start doing more work with less energy. That or we have to fight for the last of the saved up energy.
  8. Don't forget that Al-Qaida was a CIA start up, from this Guardian article: IMO, the religious nutjobs are just a smoke screen to enable the grunch to grab the remaining oil.
  9. growth its end game desparation. The pension funds dumping commercial property onto gullible individuals is not a good sign.
  10. You believe NuLabour would never spin figures? Did you notice how the papers over the weekend were trumpeting 'the new BTL is Commercial To Let'? That'll do wonders for the retailer's balance sheets if they succeed in getting a new influx of debt created money into sell and rentback deals. The REITS will also help sustain the retailers of imported goods for a while.
  11. Not sure it is inevitable that the US will win. If the US inflates the dollar into nothingness, or the petrodollar is replaced with the petroeuro, what's the worst case scenario for the Chinese? Equality! If the dollar goes, then US power is gone. The Chinese now have a formidable manufacturing infrastructure they can use to gather in all the petroeuros / petroasians*. They've also use all those dollars to sign long term contracts for resources from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australasia, etc. The smart & hard working Chinese think incredibly long term, our politicians only care about the next election. Will all the Chinese will be whinging about poverty stricken British immigrants within a decade or two? * From the article: Single Asian currency key to stability:
  12. Yep, it's a global power grab for the last of the resources. Now we've given the hard working Chinese all our money in exchange for tat; they can afford to buy up all the long term oil contracts in the world. As the west has given the Chinese all our money, we cannot afford either the loss of the petro dollar, or to buy the contracts. Iran, here we come. Hopefully even Bush and Blair aren't mad enough to take on China, but at what point will the Chinese say 'Oi!, enough is enough, we paid for that oil'?
  13. General consensus was peak oil by 2010. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/drivenbyoil/ Very telling comment at the end. Something along the lines of "The Chinese are prepared to pay almost anything. Friction is inevitable". OMG, Iran's going to be next. Peak oil is going to make oil way more expensive, Raising IRs. Thinking of buying? Get at least a 10 year fix.
  14. On in a minute. Was trailed on the Today programme!
  15. 4 pronged including Gordo's mooted public sector pay cuts (2% increase when even dodgy CPI is 2.4%). 5 pronged if the reason NuLab have been promoting globalisation is to further deflate wages (they can't be that insane? )
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