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  1. Agree with Brickingit. As a property tax advisor who have also bought in LJDF you will still be taxed in the UK although could reduce the tax payable. Dont agree about not telling the tax man. mmv
  2. I have reserved front line on phase. Would you be able to send me the CBA Law's report mmv
  3. I agree all new builds anywhere are a high risk because it depends on the developer and the build quality. Morocco is no different from Dubai, Spain or the UK. What you need to realise that there are many in the UK who are investing in the UK on investment properties and for the past few years have been investing in Spain for a holiday home / investment property then in Dubai and these investors are now moving to Morocco as the prices are relatively cheaper. This includes companies developing in Dubai who are also investing in Morocco.
  4. You seem surprised that people are opposing a development of a block of apartments. This is common in the UK and house prices are still rising albeit not as much as they have been in the last few years.
  5. I too looked at Dubai before looking to invest in Morocco. Yes people have made money in Dubai but Morocco is at the stage where investors can make more money by investing now as the returns are greater than Dubai. You do not have to visit the country and ask yourself why are companies from Dubai investing in Morocco.
  6. There would be a tax charge in the UK if it is fliped and may even be taxed as trading income.
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