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  1. I know, I normally would just ignore it but the figures quoted in that article were more extreme than I've seen elsewhere. I'm not even going to attempt to argue that every public sector job is worthwhile as I know it isn't true, but there are public sector jobs that are valuable even if some people think otherwise. And I'm sure the argument will occur a gazillion times more!!!
  2. I can't comment on those figures as I don't know all the information. All I will say is that there are other statistics that the ONS publish that this website does not believe. What I think I do have at work is information from my union which details the numbers of people at the different salary scales. I will calculate what that average is and post it here regardless of whether it agrees with the ONS figures or not.
  3. The one problem with using the 1/60th figure to calculate average future pension values is that this figure is only for relatively recent entrants (at least where I work anyway). You will find that most people get 1/80th of final salary per year, so even if someone worked in the public sector for 41 years (as you say unlikely) they would get around 50% of their final salary. So using the average (and you know how you can twist averages) salary that would give you about £13k pa, not the £17k pa. Ok this is still well above the quoted £1k pa, but I don't believe that figure for one minute. I
  4. I just got in with no problems. Got no money in it though as I took it out a week or so ago.
  5. Can't see this posted, but thought some people might be interested. I've posted it here but wasn't sure if it should be in one of the Investment forums. Kaupthing Press Release And Landsbanki now. Landsbanki PR
  6. Maybe I'm being thick but I can see any reductions in the last few days apart from the Fixed Rate Bonds. The Regular Saver and e-Savings changed back in May. I can't see any recent changes.
  7. As far as I am aware the ISA rules for this Financial Year, as they will be changing in April, are that you can invest either: 1. Upto £7k in ONE Maxi ISA which will invest in Stocks and Shares, OR 2. Upto £4k in ONE Mini Stocks and Shares ISA and Upto £3k in ONE mini Cash ISA. Now as you are saying you have run upto the limit of £4k, I am assuming you have a mini stocks and shares ISA which will mean that yes you can have a mini-cash ISA. However, before you open a mini cash ISA I would confirm that you do have a mini stocks and shares ISA rather than a maxi one as you cannot combine maxi
  8. Just seen the latest business bulletin on BBC News 24, absolutely no mention of the spiking at all, just that the FTSE was up. I probably should be surprised but for some reason I'm not!
  9. Well I have just got an email notifying me of their new Internet Saver that pays 6.4% AER with no restrictions or penalties for withdrawals. Seems an interesting time to launch it?
  10. I was going to post about their tracker online instant access account which has just had the interest cranked up from 5.25% AER to 6.31% AER via an introductory bonus. This puts them to the top of the savings list on moneysupermarket. The sneaky thing is that unless you look at the notes you wouldn't know about the bonus and they won't notify you when it expires after the year!
  11. RB, when are you going to stop spinning your post titles to say something different to what the article you link to actually says. Yes new registrations in DECEMBER dropped 14.7%, which is a big drop, but the YEAR DROP IS ONLY 3.9%, nowhere near as bad as your title implies. While you post some good articles, your spin on the titles is just ridiculous.
  12. Has anybody seen this article yet? 2 Ex Maths Teachers who now "own" 700 BTL's, although it doesn't say what proportion of the house the actually own it only mentions that they used I/O to start. I have to say that reading the article made me feel sick as they are denying people in the area a chance to buy a house at a reasonable price, is this what is causing a lot of the HPI in this country? 2 x maths teachers + 700 houses = 1 x £240m buy-to-let empire
  13. I thought inflation was only 2.4%, shame that doesn't apply to rises imposed by the government. "Fees for driving tests and MoT tests are set to rise, it was announced today. The maximum MoT fee, whose increase was first announced earlier this year, will next month go up 14 per cent to £50.35. And the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is considering adding new questions to the written part of the test which would increase the fee for this category from £21.50 to £28.50. " MOT and Driving Test Fees to rise
  14. I was just thinking along those lines redalert. Surely if you are going to have to continue paying a "mortgage" for an extra 20odd years between when you would have finished paying back a repayment mortgage and when you die, your pension will have to be larger to cope. Won't you therefore have to start paying more into a pension pot now to cover that? I would have thought this would then remove the benefit of having lower payments due to being interest only. I bet the bank/building societies won't tell you that when you sign on the dotted line. Could this be the next misselling thing afte
  15. "Some MPC members are expected to vote for a rate hike. The "shadow" MPC, which meets under the auspices of the Institute of Economic Affairs, ahead of each MPC meeting, voted 5-4 to increase base rate to 4.75%, its members being concerned about high rates of money-supply growth and above-target inflation. The last time the shadow MPC voted for a hike was in July 2004, ahead of the Bank's last rate hike in August that year. Two of the four members who voted for a hike said it was only a matter of time before base rate would have to increase." The whole article is about why the MPC is likely
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