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  1. Expect 50-60% falls in all areas over the next 2/3 years - More in some. The big drops will take a some time yet to come along - Sheeple's disbelief and unwillingness to acknowledge what is going on in the UK will keep the market artificially high in the short-term. Eventually we will be on the lows (50%+ drops) for an extended period before prices start to move higher - So don't jump in too early and make sure you pick your prize property at rock bottom prices.
  2. I think what Pat is saying, is that we should move above the 47 other countries in the world that have a higher density of population. Life will be so much better then according to Pat and Brown. http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/infopay...k/densite2.html Personally I would rather move down the list and I think Pat is barking up the wrong tree, again - if not just barking....
  3. Top article. Explains it clearly and simply for the muppets out there.
  4. So your view has been wrong for 3 years (poor timing by you). Now you are changing it as we near the tipping point. The markets (any market) are full of muppets like you...
  5. 22 July 2007 09:50 Interest rates set to soar even higher First-time buyers and borrowers will be hit by increases as early as next month, experts predict Interest rates in the UK are set to break through the 6 per cent threshold, bringing further pain to home owners and those in debt. An Independent on Sunday survey of leading UK economists at institutions including Ernst & Young, Barclays, HBOS, JP Morgan, RBS and Merrill Lynch, revealed a consensus view that further rises in the rate of borrowing were on the way. Several of those polled said that interest rates would peak at 6
  6. 22 July 2007 Oil and gas may run short by 2015, say industry experts Humanity is approaching an unprecedented crisis when not enough oil and gas will be produced to keep industrial civilisation running, the world's top oilmen warned last week. The warning – which is being hailed as a "tipping point" on both sides of the Atlantic – marks the first time that the industry has accepted that it may soon no longer be able to meet demand for its products. In Facing the Hard Truths about Energy, it gives authoritative support to concern about impending shortages, following a similar alert by the
  7. Are the muppets such as Casual Observer, Europa & Van Damme still around.... have they changed their tune now? They are typical of the short sighted, ignorant fools that are going to be hammered over the upcoming years... Whatever they say to the contrary... Anyway - just a fleeting visit - its a bore saying - I told you so.... Best to all who have positioned themselves to take advantage of the massive downturn over the next years...
  8. Buy To Let: Central London was once said to be safe as houses. Not any longer Independent By Chris Partridge Published: 11 July 2007 The prime central London market has peaked and many investors are deserting the area that made them rich. Savills' price index for the second quarter of 2007 shows that the growth rate in prime central London (usually defined as the area between Oxford Street, Bayswater Road and the Thames) has slowed to 5.7 per cent, down from 8.8 per cent in the first quarter. At the same time, rents are also increasing but have not caught up with capital growth, erodi
  9. This paltry hike again - just ensures IRs go a lot higher and for longer. Please leave CO alone, he dropped his son in the shit getting him mortgaged up to the hilt, now CO valiantly tries to keep sentiment positive so as not to have his debt ridden son disown him. Its all between the lines guys.
  10. Yep, Sarah's top totty and more importantly a canny lass. Unlike that trollop Kirsty, who is a complete and utter knumbnut to say the least.
  11. Ireland's tiger economy shows signs of slowing as property boom falters BILL JAMIESON ARE the wheels coming off the Irish economic model? After years of superlative growth and a house price boom that made our own seem sedate, Ireland's home owners are now waking up to a very different reality: a glut in the market and falling house prices. The house price stumble is now featuring across the Irish media, with the Irish Times... The full article contains 769 words and appears in The Scotsman newspaper. To read the full article now subscribe to "scotsman.com Premium" from as little as £29.
  12. American dream sours as housing market collapses By Philip Sherwell in Denver, Sunday Telegraph Last Updated: 11:30pm BST 05/05/2007 For Cathy Busby, May 1 marked a personal "Mayday!" as she was sucked into the housing crisis sweeping the United States. On Tuesday, she went into arrears on her mortgage after her monthly repayments soared by 40 per cent. The 47-year-old hospital administrator will lose the three-bedroom home in the Denver suburb of Montebello that she bought 11 years ago, unless she can reach a deal with her lender. Cathy Busby is unable to meet the repayments on her home
  13. They are forced to remortgage to cover their debts and finance their day to day living expenses, otherwise they would go under. Mostly it is NOT about getting a better deal. You are right there are no fantastic deals out there in reality.
  14. No, you can't see and you can't read. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-1264072,00.html 1/4 homeowners ALREADY stretched and struggling, having to sell/remortgage to stay afloat. £100 rise in mortgage payments - 40% homeowners stretched and struggling, having to sell/remortgage to stay afloat. £150 rise in mortgage payments - 50%+ homeowners stretched and struggling, having to sell/remortgage to stay afloat. If more than 1/2 of houseowners would be struggling to find £150 each month - then that is appalling.
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