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  1. Another section of British industry to close then. Surely part of our current problem is that we are too heavily reliant non productive sectors (Financial, call centres, public sector etc). Imho we need to ensure we don't further tip the balance in the wrong direction. Whilst I'm unhappy about tax-payer supported industries, I'd rather QE money was spent to support this type of industry (properly audited) than just giving it to the banks as we do at the moment.
  2. If house prices are rising £60+ a day then the BOE needs to get off it's backside and start raising interest rates. If this is the case then certain parts of the UK economy are presently over-heating. The whole economy just seems to be in a total mess and imho it will need a different breed of Government than we currently have to sort it out. The demographics of age versus homeownership should now be starting to reflect in mainstream politics, but I just don't see it.
  3. How much more mileage can they possibly get out of that tired old format Location Location Location. Maybe I'm just getting grumpy in my old age, but is this really the best programming idea C4 can come up with.
  4. Ofcourse the Government could just reduce the tax charged on savings interest or increase the amount that could be saved in a cash isa.
  5. That's fine... Mr King perhaps you should consider raising interest rates. Clearly some areas of the UK economy are over-heating.
  6. Don't want to hijack the thread, but could someone in simple terms describe how revising down works? What's to stop a VI organisation publishing a headline grabbing figure only to quitely revise it down later ?
  7. My take on it is how come the BOE decided on leaving the base rate unchanged when those providing mortgage loan funds to customers are generally raising their rates. I have no background or understanding of these things, but it seems to me that the BOE are losing financial control of the situation as we have it now.
  8. "The Government will reduce its current subsidy to Remploy from the beginning of the new financial year so that we cease funding factories which make significant losses year after year and restrict funding to those factories which might have a prospect of a viable future without Government subsidy." Imho This is shamefull. The Government hands over seemingly unlimited amounts of funds to the banking industry yet when a socially important and sensibly run organisation such as Remploy struggles it has to cut it's workforce, many of whom have challenging enough lives as it is. Again this is my opinion, but If ever there was a good use of tax payers' money it's to provide subsidies such as this.
  9. Imho the bar should be closed. The Government while setting the minimum price for alcohol should also make an example and ban alcohol in Parliament. No bar and certainly not subsidised. I'm not allowed to have alcohol on the premisies at work or drink at lunch time. MPs why not try and do something that might win you a little respect for once.
  10. The only reason the Government is suddenly interested in the FTB is because they believe house prices are about to significantly fall (imho). They want to find a way to stabilize house prices at their current high level. Shared ownership is the only way that the ftb will be able to enter the market without a fall in house prices - is that honorable : Absolutely NOT.
  11. "the family were trapped in a small flat and needed a bit of space." Flats are not great for families. How ever foolish, I can't help feel sorry for the guy. I suspect that he would never have started this debacle had there been affordable family housing available, or even land. A pre-fab home would have been better, but where is the affordable land with planning permission to build.
  12. My guess is they'll bang on about Shared Ownership. A very dishonorable scheme that just perpetuates high house prices and is another way of 'robbing' the young. I would be interested to know what proportion of those attending the meeting are 2nd home owners / BTL'ers . I suppose it's good that the Government recognise the issue as a problem; I'm just skeptical given that many of our elected have been shown to have a large VI in maintaining house prices at their current levels.
  13. True, but VAT is charged on bog rolls, whereas the the Express is VAT exempt.
  14. It always surprises me how long we now have to wait for the minutes of the BOE rate decision. This delay imho limits the questioning they may receive on the logic behind their decision.
  15. What gets me is those LibDem MPs who are abstaining. That's the same imho as not being able to make a decision. You are either for it or against it - decide !
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