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  1. A house price crash site that has been going for a couple of years and not received a single crash. Says it all really.
  2. Interesting synopsis. But what about those who buy into Ladder 2 as FTBers? I also don't see how only 5% of people can get a nice house.
  3. It matters-not to me whether house prices go up or down. I can live with either. Actually I should benefit from either. I'm generally bearish, but as I've said in the past, I don't want to be associated with the loonies on here who think that Government policy should be centred about them, or that nobody else should be able to buy a house just because they can't. They would rather the whole economy collapsed so they can buy a 4 bed detached for £1000. I also don't like the unsubtle way in which people seem to take pleasure from other's financial misfortune. For these reason, I'm not a bear, rather than wanting to be a neither .
  4. I think neither could also mean 'hedged quite nicely thank you very much'.
  5. I can only give my experiences: I see the same as you. Houses that are reasonably ok, (£200-400k) are not falling in price. I can give examples where the same houses have sold for higher than 1 year ago, and more or less 'identical' houses have sold for 22% higher than the previous year. And yes, in some cases it it is cheaper to buy than rent, although this is a direct comparison between rent and mortgage costs only, and doesn't include other costs. It may not be the news that most people want to hear, but this is the case where I am.
  6. There's no point any more. If you say anything other than the usual HPC mantras you get your posts deleted or accused of being a ramper by the usual suspects. Very sorry state of affairs.
  7. That's a bit like being a pedestrian, knocked down at a Zebra crossing though isn't it.
  8. No she didn't. This quote is falsely attributed to her.
  9. It will encourage people to pay more into pensions, which might be the real aim of this policy. A whole generation of well paid people paying massively into pensions will help the city over the years and will also allow for means testing of pensions in 20 years time.
  10. You'll be surprised how easily the higher rate tax band can creep up on you. The current limit is £37400 before you pay 40%. Of course you have £7K allowance, but this can easily be eaten up by a car, and other company benefits. For example, my company package is so high, that it exceeds my personal allowance, meaning that even if I earn no money at all in my job, I will still have to pay tax. If my income were £36k, I'd be paying 20%. If my income were £37k, I'd be paying 40% and losing >£1k in child benefit as well. Putting this in the real world, anyone with a salary of mid £30K's, plus bonus, plus car, might end up paying 40% tax.
  11. What? Rickets, TB, smog, tax at 33%, one crappy Butlin's holiday a year in a chalet in Skegness Quit moaning and sort your life out.
  12. Has no focker on here got a sense of humour?
  13. Well, imagine owning a house and having renters living next door to you.
  14. That's the second HPC-induced chuckle I've had in the last few minutes. The first one being the neighbour thread Must be a Friday.
  15. Make the case by all means, but £6K is a bit much. More like £4K for installing a brand new central heating system in a house, which includes radiators, plumbing etc. A boiler on it's own is about £800-£1000, fully installed. Over a 20 year lifetime this is nothing. If it were £6K for a new boiler, they'd just go to B&Q and buy a few electric radiators, and let the tenant foot the electricity bill.
  16. It's a fair point though... I set the list prices for some of our goods. I set a price that reflects the payback period of the initial capital investment and the R&D as well as the marginal cost per unit and not forgetting the champagne in the board room. All nicely packaged in one single number. They pay it or they don't.
  17. Pretty much sums up my position. Generally bearish, but don't want to be associated with the loonies.
  18. It's up to you if you want to cherry pick dates, but when my parents bought their first house, income tax was 41%.
  19. Isn't that the situation now? BTW I just don't buy into the 3x-salary-is-the-norm idea. 3x mortgages were present at a time when income tax was 33% and interest rates were 10%. Back then you probably couldn't afford anything higher even if they would lend it to you. Now, with income tax as low as 20%, and interest rates more like 5%, it's not really comparable.
  20. Ah, personal insults. The argument winner in the playground. I'll ask again. Why am I a VI and what is my VI?
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