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  1. What was stopping you from buying gold with your salary over the years? or converting it into another currency?
  2. ******** to that mate. Everyone had the chance to move their saving or STR fund into a different currency or to save in PMs. Most people on here reckon they're a couple of orders of magnitude smarter than the sheeple but they didn't have the smarts to do this.
  3. The only three currencies left will be guns, girls and gold.
  4. The problem is that, although everyone has an opinion, only a few people's opinions will count. If 99% of the population want house prices to fall, and the decision makers don't. Then it's not going to happen is it? Sadly the decision makers don't want it to happen.
  5. A 25% m-o-m increase is significant whether you welcome it or not. Of course it's down on historic levels but to dismiss the reporting of this story as ramping is absurd. A 25% change in anything over the course of a month is probably a newsworthy event. If it fell by 25% what do you think would be the response here? "The number of loans made to home buyers rose by 25% between February and March, to 45,000. And borrowing by first-time buyers rebounded faster than that by existing home owners, the CML said."
  6. A few minutes ago, I clicked on Gold prices. I nearly peed my panties.
  7. My new house has a 'rebuild' value for insurance purposes of 61% of what we paid for it, leading me to guess the land itself is worth the other 39%.
  8. I agree with this post more than the OP. The OP is saying that Kent is falling, based on a very broad RM search. Kent is a big place, and you have the very nice bits, and the very bad bits. I can show you houses in Kent selling for 30% more than identical ones were selling a year ago. It's a two-tier market.
  9. Paddy Ashdown has also said it should be a Con/Lib government with DC in charge.
  10. What percentage of British homebuyers could have saved in Euros, or converted their pounds to Euros before it fell 30%? All of them.
  11. Yes they did. They fell by 40%. Just happens that the buyers had a currency that fell by 30% also.
  12. This time last year, UK house prices prices were about 40-45% below peak in virtually every currency apart from the pound. If you've got you money in anything but pounds, you've had a good old crash.
  13. She needs to come out of her house holding up her postal vote with a giant bingo-pen sized X in the Conservative box. Then she should pose for the cameras, just a little, then walk to the postbox. Again pause for the cameras as she gently posts her envelope, thus ending the career of this miserable Scottish one-eyed mincer.
  14. A gwobal problem, that started in Rochdale. Dear Lord, please please please make this play out all night......
  15. This is just plain embarrassing. I hope on the doorstep press conference, she tears him a new one, live. I suspect that a significant bribe is being formulated as we speak. "Please go out there and say something nice about me, I'll give you anything, I promise."
  16. Yes, as a FTBer my deposit was quite high, so yes, you're right in your assumptions.
  17. Not sure whether it's your spread sheet or my data but the outcome for me was: Benefit of buying over renting £223,033 This is using genuine data, and nothing was fudged.
  18. This all depends on what you did at university. But I also think your dates are a little out. If you were born in 71 after September or in 72 then you will have graduated in 1994 if you did a 4 year degree. Still in recession maybe not technically, but effectively, and still in debt probably, and probably earning less than 15k. Maybe it was the right time to buy, but probably not the best circumstances.
  19. Those born in 71/72 were probably coming out of university around that time with some debts, straight a job market in the middle of a recession. Banks weren't lending much in a falling housing market but to a new graduate, with debts - this probably would have been tough, especially with no deposit.
  20. Got a lot of savings too. Don't care about house prices.
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