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  1. c.f here, where simpletons think they're entitled to a house.
  2. Why should a house be limited to 3x yours, (or anybody else's) salary?
  3. That bloody graph should be banned from here. It may be correct, it may offer insight, but I'm bloody sick of seeing it quoted every other post as a default response. It's the equivalent of 'you can't lose with property' and 'it's me pension innit.." *goes off to take some deep breaths*
  4. Only for those with no deposit or a shoddy credit history. These people will be shown the door, just like how it used to be.
  5. RPI is 5.3% CPI is 3.7% You can get a 5 year fix at 3.99% with a 25% deposit (Britannia or Co-op) You can get a 5 year fix at 5.99% with a 10% deposit (Post Office)
  6. What's that got to do with anything? You said average person average wage average house. It's not the same as you can borrow 3x (or 3.5x) salary.
  7. That's not for me to say. I just don't believe that the average house should cost 3x the average salary just because some people on here say so. It's a flawed argument.
  8. Only an blinkered idiot cant see what is coming. I can conceed that prices might actually not collapse if they manage to generate inflation but you'll be buying a £5 load and getting paid 100K a year...i.e. houses will be cheap. If they dont generate inflation then no one will have any money, austerity will be real, times will be harsh...houses will be cheap because no one will have money. The last housing crash was a picnic in comparison to the events of the last couple of years. It follows that the outcome will be worse. I personally think we will see the Japanese 18 year decline ( followed by further decline ) scenario happening. The british progoganda machine has convinced the stupid peopel of this country to endebt themselves just to have a shoe box to live in. The propoganda continues but their ability to borrow/pay has gone. The only scenario is that it is not possible for the "la la land" thinking to continue and house prices to keep going up or remain flat, i.e. the will fall. Any other thinking is stupidity plain and simple, only an estate agent, BTL'er or over-burdened desperate homeowner would think otherwise. Only one of the aforementioned would have any desire to keep prices high at everyone elses expense. Accept it. The HPC hasnt ended...we are in the middle of it. I'm just being grumpy argumentative today
  9. If the council don't give you a bin, tell them that you've seen some rats in the garden and you're worried. Your bins will arrive within the hour* *times may vary EDIT:TYPO
  10. It depends what card you have. If you have the Black one, you have to pay £150.
  11. Hardly a story is it? So, people are using plastic more than before. This has been an ongoing trend since they were introduced. The story makes it clear that this is for both Debit and Credit cards, so I can't see any clear point being made about debt. Also, as you point out, there is no information about how much is paid back at the end of the month if a credit card was used, not a debit card. It simply isn't mentioned in the article. This is more about Visa's marketing department issuing a press release about their market share. They appear to be at odds with the official figures. All the article says is that total spending on Visa cards was up by 4%. Inflation is at 4%.
  12. Yes, I agree that house prices are out of control, and that many many fell for the 'only ever go up' crap. I'm not going to disagree with all of the main HPC stuff. I just have an issue with this bloody 'house prices should be 3x salary and no more, because that's what they've always been' nonsense.
  13. Is this the case though? Surely the market decides the price not historical precedence, or an arbitrary figure? As you've probably guessed, I have issues with this whole 'house prices should be 3x average salary'. It's flawed in so many ways.
  14. Then a woman who broke down and cried because of a toothbrush.
  15. I think for most people the actual 'sell gold for houses' message isn't applicable, but I think the message that houses have fallen against virtually everything except Sterling is real, and it highlights that there has been a crash when viewed from the outside. In real real terms, houses have fallen by about 40%. I don't consider myself a trader. I started buying gold some years ago at around £300/oz. I also put some money into Euros from 2005 onwards and converted it back at near parity. I haven't done much else apart from this.
  16. Possible the second most sensible thing I've heard on here for 5 years.
  17. If you're sitting on a pile of gold, you have two options: A) Sell it at the peak and wait in cash for the inevitable deflationary depression. Hold on to it and maybe buy more, as it will go to $5000/oz. Just depends who you believe. I am sure there are plenty of people who are selling assets including gold, right now to buy houses. I don't see why you would need to have a screw loose. If I had sufficient gold to buy a house with no mortgage, I would. Forget about nominal or real prices and all that crap, I want security. If my £50k spent 5 years ago buys a house outright for £150k I wouldn't care if it fell to £100k. EDIT: formatting error.
  18. If you bought gold 5 years ago, it would be entirely relevant if you wanted to buy a house now. Lots of people did buy gold 5 years ago, lots also didn't.
  19. I'm getting crisis-fatigue on here this week. Seems like everyone is predicting the worst on a daily basis. I have to say though, that I don't disagree with the general analysis. There's two options. Let Fiat fail completely or print more.
  20. I know this is all old news, but it really does make a difference where you live and the type of house you're looking at. I can show you a house sold for £275K last spring, just sold for £375k. Similar ones selling at £300-315K last year, now under offer at £400k. Definitely a two-tier market.
  21. Sure they are over priced, but that's got nothing to do with what I said. If people on here are as smart as they think they are, why didn't they do it? Seems to me like they're angry because they've now missed 3 boats. They'd be laughing now, if they moved all their savings and investments to Euros at 1.54 to the £, then moved it back again at 1.02, and bought gold at £300/oz. EDIT: Minor edits for clarity.
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