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  1. You must worry at night wondering if your £1500 is safe in the bank.
  2. As another poster said: it all depends upon your circumstances. Most people won't be affected in the ways you describe, this is just wishful thinking nonsense.
  3. Things always work like this, every recession. As soon as shops get a sniff that times are bad, they take draconian measures and deplete stock rather than order new things. Manufacturers get a virtually overnight hit and production drops rapidly. Shops then realise they haven't got enough in stock as people are now buying more, so suddenly they start restocking and factories haven't got the staff to ramp up production as they've just fired them all. Like boom and bust.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. "Yes, you can come and stay, but you must take off all of your clothes in the shed, and leave them there together with your suitcase."
  5. twatmangle


    Economic fundamentals went out of the window a long time ago. You could argue that the macroeconomic market has been irrational since the 30s. Everything since has been a free market, backed by military power.
  6. NO, it's not this scheme that's saving the housing market. It's this one. EDIT: Typo
  7. Dubai does have a ski resort, (and presumably Greenland has beaches too.)
  8. I think something has got lost in translation somewhere.
  9. Typical HPC drivel. I haven't got one. Everyone who has, must be a cheat or a liar or stupid.
  10. I think this is likely to be the case. Mortgages are out there, but it's another story if people qualify to get them. A quick net search shows 5 year fixed mortgages at 4.19% with a 25% deposit. Why your friend is only being offered 6.7-8% is another matter. Maybe there's something from the past that she hasn't told you (and isn't aware of). Maybe she should look up her credit report (annualcreditreport.co.uk - cheaper than Experian). There's always the chance that the's not being 100% truthful, who would actually say that they're a credit risk when it's so much easier to say the banks are being [email protected] EDIT: Added "(and isn't aware of)"
  11. I very nearly bought a WW2 bunker (with land) just a couple of years ago. Glad I didn't. Probably half the price now.
  12. You're asking advice from a bunch of people, most of whom have never made an offer on a house in their life. To be fair the advice so far has been ok, but I'm waiting for : "Offer 20K and no more, if they refuse, reduce it by 2K every day until they come begging for you to take it off their hands for 8K, and a go on their wife."
  13. If it's only the interest part of the mortgage then it fairly like-for-like, both are just treading water for the duration of the unemployment. Have it limited to 12 months for both sets of circumstances.
  14. I would agree with that in principle. But you would also have to do the same for renters too. They should be expected to have rental insurance surely?
  15. To paraphrase "I'm 22 and I demand to be able to borrow money to buy a house. I have been turned down for a mortgage because I wanted to borrow 4x my salary to buy a property in a very depressed market, in the most uncertain economic climate for decades. I have relied on others to fund me for everything in life so far, and have not demonstrated any ability to save money or budget properly, indeed I am actaully in debt. The system is stacked against me. It's stressful." Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I have no sympathy for her plight. EDIT: Clarity.
  16. It's looks a fairly run down area looking at Street View. Maybe I'm a snob, but that boarded up shop with Real IRA graffiti on it suggests that it's not a tourist hotspot. It's also next to a bar - is it a nasty bar, with nasty people in it.... is it on a marching route.... Or is it the damp proofing van parked outside?
  17. What's that got to do with my question? So, how big is your deposit right now?
  18. To be honest, that's a poor return considering the risk involved. If you would have invested in gold at the same time you would have had almost a 200% profit (i.e 3x the original investment.). Also tax-free.
  19. I think about 1 million for that is quite reasonable. (Seriously)
  20. I think that's rather amusing. We should all choose one at random and blitz it. If nothing it will give the EA something to think about.
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