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  1. http://www.thecourier.co.uk/output/2009/01...y12561519t0.asp "ONE OF Tayside’s leading property firms is to take its own action to stimulate the local property market by announcing a new £500,000 campaign of price cuts on its homes for sale. Tomorrow, Blackadders Property begins its five-day Property Bonanza that will see nearly half a million pounds of savings on 72 properties, with one home to show a £45,000 drop on the previous asking price. With hundreds of homes in Tayside showing no signs of selling, the firm has asked clients to drop their asking prices for the big sale. Although individual sellers have been forced to accept smaller bids for their homes over the past six to eight months, Blackadders, recently nominated for the 2009 Property Team of the Year, is the first firm in this area to try such a campaign...."
  2. Prize for the first man to find Gary McCausland's personal email address.
  3. If Ed Balls died tomorrow I would not feel an ounce of pity. There are very few people I can say that about and REALLY mean it. P.S. I share the earlier poster's concern about Freddie/Fannie and what that might make Brown think he can now get away with. At some point soon someone is going to have to stand up and "do something" to get Brown carted off to the funny farm. Even if things started to improve today, it is still going to take this country decades to recover from the Brown chancellor/PM years. The extra damage he can do in the weeks and months ahead does not bear thinking about.
  4. oil industry has always downplayed likely reserves because to boast about vast untapped stocks would just invite extra tax hikes. send out a certain air of vulnerability and the exchequer takes a slightlymore sympathetic view. edit:still perfecting iPhone typing!!!
  5. My rag has just launched its first property supplement. How's that for timing??!!
  6. Poor discussion. Not FP's fault. Snow made a bit of an **** of it, actually. Looking forward to Faisal getting to host one of these chats. He MUST be an HPCer.
  7. Ah......the very first wide boy featured goes straight to the Northern Rock website. Coincidence? (Thanks for digging up this video. Remember being horrified by it at the time and assuming it would be acted upon, but it's even more striking now.)
  8. Heard some anecdotes about builders mothballing projects in the Dunfermline area. If I was only coming to work for two years and perhaps heading off again, I wouldn't consider buying. Not a chance. But if you do, try to get something old and made of stone. Lots of rubbish new build has been slapped up in South Fife as result of the Edinburgh bubble. Avoid like the plague.
  9. Cooper will be fine. We are paying for her house(s).
  10. Relations of ours gave Canada a go and were home a year later. Winter did it for them too. Their wee girl's tongue got frozen to a bus shelter. Tends to put people off.
  11. Been here for a long time. Was also a big Motley Fool forum fan for ages. Calcaria's daily press digests were something to behold. He's still doing it to this day, I believe. Both these sites changed my outlook on money. I too couldn't understand how with a relatively well-paid job, I couldn't afford what others seemed to be able to. Soon dawned that they couldn't afford it either --- but they were doing a good job of pretending they could. So I'm running around in an old crappy car, revelling in not feeling any need to try to pretend I can afford an X5. One thing: I remember the hpc.co.uk forum starting off with yellow threaded text on a blue background. Am I right? Was it ever like that? I'm sure I once posted "It's getting busier here" when maybe 100 people had joined. How times change!
  12. A pin to burst your Globrix bubble. It's owned by News International --- ie Rupert Murdoch. Kind of puts ye off, yeah? (Impressive site though)
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