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  1. I'm wondering what advanced skills these people have that I somehow forgot to learn! How on earth are people finding more greenshoots in these figures just because they were better then forecast?!? AFP
  2. Wow, thanks for taking the time to put that together. One thing I decided long time ago was that all these 'experts' have no real idea about the future, they are just speculating that the rest of us. Their expertise and experience give them better insight and skill to discuss the matter and allows them to do their jobs, but as has been proven, things to do happen as planned, as per expectation, by logic, rationally etc, and the the nature of our global society and the amount of differing wants/desires/problems that people/comminuties/countries have/face means no models can cope with it all in a nice predictable way. With wage deflation taking place this year through pay reductions / pay freezes and fulltime moving to part-time I personally can't see that anything but continued price falls can happen through the rest of this year. I have no idea about how this might play out in percentages though. What I keep in mind though is that whatever the percentage a potential house purchase will be fairer value in January 2010. I cannot control that percentage so I do not worry about that. When it gets closer to the time, I will, like others, make my own judgement as to whether that value is fair enough for me or whether the market clearly has further resetting to do. Thanks again for the analyis, great stuff. AFP
  3. It is crap but what else to do with the money invested in premium bonds? I have about £2,500 in bonds but don't need to buy anything and can't really see anything better to do with the money at present if I withdrew it! Maybe lots of people in same boat which is why there is no news of mass cash-ins? AFP
  4. I think this is very clever of China. Without being aggressive or threatening in their language, they have made it very clear the QE policies by the USA and others they hold reserves with are not going to be ignored. I personally do not think they are serious, its more of an intellectual idea, but it demonstrates the depth of evaluation they are carrying out in assessing their best way forward. Could be some interesting reports coming from the G20 very soon. AFP
  5. Indeed. Most of the people I've talked to over the last 2 weeks about food have all been shocked by the rises in food prices and I know some who have now altered their eating habits as a result of the rises. These figures being released must be rigged as my life is not getting cheaper either and my income is falling aswell which creates further inflationary pressures for me. AFP
  6. It's not a fantasy (not sure where you got that from) and they are not going to go to war. Put aside your fantasy for a moment! Most Countries need their trade partners, thats the whole basis of the relationship, but whereas political unrest in the states could reach fever pitch if all these recovery packages not take affect, the millions of factory workers in China will return to their peasant origins under rule of thumb. The fantasy is that the USA can maintain its sole-superpower status and unrivalled standards of living in the future. AFP
  7. The USA would be instant toast. You think they can survive without the ability to sell another treasury bond. AFP
  8. The USA are stupid. Instead of "You've sunk my battleship", It will be "You've sunk my Country" This is war of the future. China can cripple the USA without firing a shot. AFP
  9. If I could print money would I ever go bankrupt? Can't see how.
  10. I don't get why bond prices are rising before any of thie QE money has been used to buy them. This is artificial demand created by the seller who is going to buy them. It seems that in any other realm of life, such action would get you arrested for fraud. One the QE money has been used to buy bonds then this demand will evaporate and bonds would plummet in value? So why buy bonds now, I would have thought all the fund managers into fixed income would be selling to make a nice profit on bonds whilst they can. Every day that goes by seems to make less and less sense to me AFP
  11. Begging the question...Why would the UK be part of this?!? WE HAVE NO MONEY Mr Brown, that's why you are printing billions and billions of it. Trying to stay calm. AFP
  12. Aren't we a post-industrial nation now or something? Who needs manufacturing when you have financial services AFP
  13. I am thinking banking stocks will be looking cheap tomorrow AFP
  14. I'm glad he made this clear as I was worried interest rates on my savings might go much lower. AFP
  15. Your 30%-off offers decision does change the kind of towel you're throwing in somewhat! I don't know what kind of mortgage offers will start to appear if the QE and new low interest rates have the desired effect, but if you can find a nice long-term fixed rate deal then that would help aswell imho. There are some houses I would be interested in if I could get 30% off and lock-in the repayments from a future interest rate spiral, so go for it if you can find something you see as true value to you. AFP
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