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  1. Did you decide to take on the fish and chip shop then???

  2. Perhaps one of us should contact the agent and ask if the offending article will be appearing on the Fixtures & Fittings list as being included in the purchase price?!!
  3. OMG! This feckwit paid £300 of her own money to then have a survey commissioned which agreed with her viewpoint that the house was "worth" £100k??? We are all going to hell in a handcart ... Getting a mortgage should be IQ tested! Staggering!!!
  4. There are a bunch of feckwits! No doubt about that ..... and the devil always seems to look after his own. They do say genius skips a generation! Perhaps that's happened with these plonkers? It's enough to make you wanna emigrate!
  5. More to the point, do your dates mind you checking?!!!
  6. Well, judging by the snooty member of staff I had the pleasure of dealing with last week when asking about a laptop I think the real reason might be the complete lack of understanding about the current economic climate! Mind you, this was at Bluewater ......
  7. Because sometimes our "independent" press is not so independent, that's why! (allegedly). Are you really that naive that you do not question beyond the headline and what is written? Can you not see that some people have vested interests in still talking up a dying/dead on its feet housing market? Do you believe everything that the media tell you?
  8. And in another newsflash today .... Turkeys decide to vote against Christmas. PR fluff and bull I'm afraid.
  9. OK, slightly off topic (although I agree PC World are rubbish!) I'm looking to get a laptop and dongle (currently use vodafone for my mobile but as I'm kinda rural reception can consist of standing on one leg in an upstairs bedroom - and not in a good way!). Can all you knowledgeable HPC guys and gals please give me some recommendations for laptops/donlge providers or alternatively advise me which ones to avoid like the plague! Thanks, Indebted
  10. Couldn't agree more - worst agents I have ever had the misfortune to deal with!
  11. I'm a lady whose led a sheltered life - please explain!
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