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  1. Well as they are now recovering 100% of spill to a vessel they have measured it at approx 8000 bbs per day. Not quite the 100 thousands everyone thought
  2. I consider myself to be living in temp acc. I could get a council house but moving into it would leave this empty. So no net change to amount of empty properties. As for real homeless people ie really homeless living under a bridge or in a park homeless, cant be that many of them, to fill the empty properties.
  3. I'm assuming these 11000 are all in other properties surely. Unless policy in Oldam is to keep all people on the CH waiting list in a massive warehouse.
  4. How will the Global Economy play out 2005 onwards?

    Housing Market Bubble Bursts

    Bank Lending Implodes

    Economy Begins to Contract

    Banks begin to Fail

    Unemployment Soars

    Banks are Nationalised

    Interest Rates are Lowered to 0%

    QE carried out on a massive scale

    Global Bond Markets Collapse

    Dash For Assets


    New Currencies i...

  5. How would you do that. Are you not completely against violence against people always no exceptions.?
  6. i saw a graph a year back showing how in each of gordons budgets, critics stated his borrowing limits were exceeded, only to be silenced the following year by increased growth/gdp. It seemed to me that the following years increased growth was actually caused by the previous increase in government spending. The old Keynesian multiplier used to great effect. So you can talk all day about keeping some money back during the good times for use in the bad times , but if they had of kept some back there would not of been any good times in the first place. imo very little if any real wealth has been created in the last ten/twenty years in this country. growth has come from a massive amount of public and private debt. Keeping a little of that back for a rainy day just means getting into ever so slightly less debt????? A great way to run an economy
  7. About the only bit of debt free cash injected into UK in last 10 years. http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?i...p;in_page_id=34 Sorry if posted already.
  8. No its not. The law is what society decides to be the rules. It may be imperfectly decided,and may have limitations ,but then again most things arent perfect. Who is this 'one man' and where do you get your facts from. Just because you have thought about things and decided( in your head) how they work doesnt necessarily make it to be the case in fact. People generally do trade with each other with out recourse to the law. Its when one person does not fulfil his side of the bargain that we require law. Again not perfect but humans arent and neither is human society. BTW money is that which is accepted as payment in the exchange of resources, goods and services; also serves as a unit of account, permitting its use in pricing resources, goods and services; serves as a store of value for purchasing in the future, serves as a standard of value to allow comparison of the actual or perceived value of resources, goods and services.( not my words but i am happy to agree with this)
  9. So if your neighbour is abusing his/ her children, would it be wrong to go around there and use the threat of violence to achieve ends ie it stopping. Regarding fiat. A society that uses paper and promises to trade goods and services requires a lot of trust and integrity ( not violence and threats). You may have noticed more advanced societies use more abstract ideas to function, more basic primitive and violent societies resort to having to see real objects and having little leather bags full of gold to function. I have just bought a months worth of food purely on a promise to provide society with something back. I will give my time and effort to someone else and they will provide me with more abillity to promise effort elsewhere. That system requires a lot of trust. Violence only comes into when one party benefits from one side of the bargain but refuses to give back when it is their turn to fufilll the bargain.
  10. Your prognosis of the situation is probably correct in theory. However the price of the share does not allways depend on the reality of the situation, more to do with the beliefs of those buying the shares. Also ( and please correct me if I m wrong) AFAIK the value of building land did not drop significantly in the last crash, and It might not change much during this crash either, although it could be different this time.
  11. It pays well, in fact its worth borrowing money to buy these debts.
  12. Hold on.. I thought we were all agreed that housing market crashes cause recessions, and not (as is commonly assumed by joe public and well paid economists in our beloved media) that recessions cause HPcs Well I am sure we are about to find out soon
  13. Sounds like a great buisiness plan, a new buisness model for a new millenium. I like it. one small fly in the soup though .... the name. Not sure about it. A bit old fashioned, a bit stuffy. Your marketing department will be full of young crazy ( but diligent and clever) guys and girls who will want to work with a new crazy wacky name thats all the rage these days, like Cahoot, Egg, Madasabank, Fish...etc etc.. Cant really think of a name for it now but a few million to a marketing consultancy should come up with something.... hold on I'm brainstorming here...... may have something.. how about ......BROKE....plc....or BANKRUPT or MADE IN CHINA.......FINISHED DOT CO DOT UK
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