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  1. Sadly I think it's perfectly possible (quite likely actually) that if the economy tanks following a no-deal Brexit, the likes of Corbyn might introduce controls that effectively freeze or devalue your spare assets, so any advantage you might have in the post-crash property market is lost.
  2. I worked in the HR department at MF Global a couple of years ago and I witnessed first hand what little regard they had for their staff. I certainly won't be shedding any tears for them now the boot is on the other foot.
  3. I've lived in Finchley for many years. I love it as it's clean and safe with good transport links, schools, shops, parks and amenities, and it's just a short drive to Hampstead Heath and the rolling hills of Hertfordshire. I can be in either the West End or the City in just over half an hour, which is great for work and going out. Yes it's a bit dull compared with some of the more 'vibrant' areas of London but in a way its anonymity is its strength if you like a bit of peace and quiet. IMHO the only major advantage Walthamstow has apart from price, is that you're guaranteed a seat on the tube each morning, whereas you sometimes have to stand by the time the train from High Barnet arrives at West Finchley or Finchley Central.
  4. Human Resources Analyst in the City, aged 38. Owner Occupier, no mortgage or other debts.
  5. I'm fortunate enough to live in a nice house on a prime road in Finchley N3. One of the area's major estate agents (a very pleasant bloke, as it happens) lives nearby, and I do discuss the market with him every now and then. Anyway, he reckons the market in our area is very quiet and down 10-15% since this time last year. He has also just sold his Porsche.
  6. I think this is the link for the survey.
  7. 'House of Fun' - Madness (with apt rollercoaster video)
  8. Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1992.
  9. I think the annual cull of the 5% poorest performers is standard industry practice for investment banks.
  10. It is relatively safe and has fantastic public transport links. The parts near Golders Hill Park are particularly nice, as is Hampstead Garden Suburb (although the residents of HGS wouldn't like to be classed as living in Golders Green). Agree with you about the lack of decent pubs (although Hampstead is not far away), the general crapness of Golders Green Road and the butchering of period properties.
  11. No meltdown here in Finchley yet, but the market is dead as in no supply and no demand.
  12. The Barclays management have been at pains to quell these rumours today. Seems as though some dodgy hedge fund managers are (successfully) manipulating the market by spreading false rumours. John Varley: "We have a strong capital base. We are awash with liquidity. More people and more companies are banking with Barclays today (and giving deposits to us because they trust us) than at any time in our 300-year history. We have reported several consecutive years of record profits and in the first half of this year we made more profit on behalf of our shareholders than in any half of our history. We are a strong organisation doing business in more than 40 countries around the world and supported by a great team of employees. And we are a company which is well aware of its Stock Exchange obligations. If there were any substance in the rumours that I have been hearing in recent days we would have been required to have made an announcement to the Stock Market. But we have not. That silence says a lot. We are scheduled to give an update on our performance to the Stock Market later this month and we will communicate in the usual way at that time.” Bob Diamond: "These are challenging times in the markets, and as a consequence, we have been subjected to a frenzy of false and misleading rumors and innuendo. If there were any substance to the rumors, we would have made a special announcement to the London Stock Exchange. I remind you that we have our regularly planned Trading Update later in November when we'll be informing the market of our performance. At times like this, it is critical that we remain focused on our clients and delivering on our business plans."
  13. Here in Finchley there's still a real shortage of quality family homes for sale and summer 2007 prices are still being achieved quickly for good properties. Properties with faults (e.g. near railway lines, on busy roads, with odd layouts, or with small gardens) are sticking, although price reductions remain few and far between.
  14. They probably do, but I believe they would only be invoked if the bank itself was in trouble.
  15. As a saver I'd probably think sh*t, this bank could be in trouble. I'm moving my money elsewhere!
  16. My view on this is that although banks may well have the right to make margin calls on BTL loans, to do so would create a huge amount of negative publicity for that bank, and their BTL mortgage business would probably never recover. It would be akin to Northern Rock admitting it had just gone cap in hand to the BoE. It simply wouldn't happen unless the bank itself was in serious trouble. Of course if a bank like this did find itself in trouble and had to sell its assets on to a Private Equity vulture, I would not be the slightest bit surprised if the new owner did whatever was necessary to maximise the short-term return on its investment.
  17. The Inheritance Tax change is a bit of a headline-grabbing red herring. Chapter 5.76 of the detailed report says that your IHT threshold remains at £300,000, but if you die without using it, it gets passed over to your surviving spouse. It's a good thing but it's nothing to get excited about.
  18. As in any bankruptcy, the liquidator will sell on the insolvent bank's assets for whatever it can get for them. As far as you're concerned the only thing that changes is the name of the payee on your monthly direct debit. Of course, whoever has bought the insolvent bank's assets will want to maximise the return on their investment and will be a lot less concerned with customer service and customer relations than your bank might have been, particularly if it is a faceless private equity company. They means they would probably charge you a higher SVR and would have no hesitation in making margin calls if they suspected you might have negative equity.
  19. Which roads in Finchley Central? From what I've been seeing, the best stuff is still going for close to asking price. The not quite so good stuff is sticking.
  20. Reminds me of the fuel protests a few years back. The moment we were told there was no need to panic buy, the queues at petrol stations started forming and before long all the petrol stations ran dry. Self-fulfilling prophecy innit?
  21. If a bank really was in trouble then they could call in loans/mortgages early or ask for a margin call to cover any negative equity. It would have to be a panic measure (possibly by a liquidator) though as no investor would touch such a bank with a bargepole ever again.
  22. Yes there will. Good traders make money even when the SM falls (by selling short). Whether or not they will want to pile their bonuses into property is another matter.
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