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  1. I do a daily rightmove 24hr search for Bristol and I usually get around 30 properties. I got 45 today which is the most I've seen. If I do the search without the time constraint I see the same properties sitting there for 6 months, some being reduced, others being left at unrealistic prices. Not saying that's proof of anything but at least its a little more evidential than some vested interest hearsay about supply drying up.
  2. Try as I might, my brain wouldn't let me read past that line.
  3. I have no sympathy for anyone caught in this, make of that what you will but I make no excuses for it. If you really are a BTLer and not just some child troll, you are far more responsible for this mess than I'll ever be.
  4. Please please keep buying, stretch your new found equity as far as you can. It is amateur investors like yourself who need to take it to the edge and go bust to really give this crash some momentum. As a priority though, please learn the difference between 'there' and 'their' as it will save people from trying to guess what you are saying.
  5. Guardian: Rate rise likely to hit housing market I'm having such a good day.
  6. I complained to the BBC about their website's headline news on Persimmon's latest spin on how well their business is doing while neglecting to give any mention to the recent Rightmove figures. Here is their reply: Why would anyone take Persimmon's figures as a sign that recent interest rate rises were having no affect? All seems a bit too early to tell to me, and certainly too early to affect 6 monthly profits calculated up to June 30th, unless you really wanted to spin it of course. I shall start using their uknewsplan address to inform them of all relevant housing market news that the
  7. BBC: US house market 'at 15-year low' I always get a kick out of reading good news.
  8. I've just disabled flash, you end up with a GIF instead of any animation but you still have to wait the same amount of time for it to free up the browser. Odd.
  9. I've just done a bit of a test, it freezes until the flash advert on the right hand side loads. Check it out, try moving the scroll bar down, you won't be able to until the ad finishes downloading. The other ad below it is just a jpeg and doesn't appear to affect anything.
  10. I get the same and I'm running 3.1GHz. Internet explorer appears to freeze while the page loads. The time spent frozen increases in line with the length of the thread. This is the only site I've seen it happen on, not sure when it started, about 6 weeks ago?
  11. No, I for one am convinced. It is obvious that the only direction for interest rates down. The graph says it all.
  12. I'm a big fan of Robbie Burns, he seems to be right more times than he's wrong as far as shares are concerned. He's gone short, target 280. Nakedtrader.co.uk
  13. I think I'd need to see a little more evidence than a comment from a Mortgage Broker.
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