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  1. We had a follow up problem with logins, which has now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience... M.
  2. haha yeah. To be honest, I think we should be good now, the server running the database has 16 cores and 32 Gigabytes of memory. It's barely glanced at the load. Can I go and watch some news now? Promise to keep the laptop close by! :-) M.
  3. The database has now been moved to a monster server and should be fine for the rest of the night now. I'll still be on hand so shout up if you spot anything not right. Thanks Mark
  4. Hello again, The database just crashed again. We're working in the background and will switch the database to a new host shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. The servers are currently processing around 30 requests per second, and the database is holding up for now. M.
  6. The move is complete. There was a slight hiccup with filesystem quotas which meant the site was down for a little longer than hoped for, but it should be back functioning normally now. Sorry for the inconvenience. M.
  7. Hello... There will be a short break in service in a little while, hopefully lasting no more than 5 mins. We're switching the database to a new server. I'll post back here once the migration is complete. Sorry for any inconvenience, Mark
  8. Following the report of missing posts, I ran a check on the database files to make sure there were no problems with the database itself. This caused the few minutes of database errors this morning. We're still not sure where these missing posts are but we're sure no data has been lost as such, and we have backups. At the moment we're treating it as a forum upgrade issue until we have concrete evidence to the contrary. One strange issue is the number of posts reported, 800 then 200 - this doesn't seem to be something random. At first we wondered if there was some new default setting in the sof
  9. We had some downtime last night due to storage problems, but I see no reason why anyone would lose any posts. We'll investigate this for you this morning and work out what's happened. btw, we have a Twitter account for posting information when we have an outage at http://twitter.com/fubranoc I'll update on the missing posts issue asap. Mark
  10. Please report any issues, server or design issues in this thread.
  11. Yep, completely agree... From the server admin point of view, this forum upgrade has been planned for a long time (months), but please note that we (Fubra admins) only take care of the server end and the software, we don't manage the design/layout of the site. You probably should have had some notice of the switchover. Bottom line, it was deemed more urgent to get the site upgraded for security reasons than it was to perfect the padding width around posts... As to your second point - *of course* the software was installed on a test server first - and the software was running fine, no operati
  12. What if we left the software alone forever like some forums do? Simple - all sorts of bad things would (not might - *would*) happen, like some nasty person might break in and steal passwords/take over accounts or set off a spam bot and all sorts of other nefarious stuff like that. The truth is, this forum upgrade was done for security reasons, to ensure that we can track the latest security patches. It was most certainly not upgraded to take advantage of the natty new design... If we didn't fix the security issues and track latest versions of the forum software then that would be a *far great
  13. Thought I'd make a quick post to let you know we are aware of and fixing issues as quickly as possible... Several people have noticed site timeouts and proxy errors - this is caused by an upgrade script working away in the background to upgrade the database to work with the new forum software. Unfortunately it has to scan every topic and post in the database and as a result the database is taking a good pounding. We've decided to stop the upgrade script for a while and finish running it out of hours tonight to reduce the number of errors people are getting. I'll update this thread with any o
  14. OK, quick update... We upgraded the software a few hours ago and it has performed well since, but we're not completely sure that this will fix the problem for good. We do have more options to try but we're doing them one thing at a time so we know what fixes it. Fingers crossed. M.
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