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  1. If you don't know who Bruno Poworoznik is, you're a lucky chap or chapess. If you don't know the song, then don't YouTube 'Free Bruno Powroznik'. It's doing my nut. Thanks a bunch HPC! Ta
  2. Squeal little piggy!! Squeal!!!! I'm loving this story, but can't help feeling irritated that stupid cow feels like a victim. We, the genuine hard working renters/savers, have been shat on for years, and had to listen to tossers like these prattling on at dinner parties, in the media, at any social function they choose to offer their verbal dihorrea at. This is our time mother fudders! (fires AK-47 in the air)
  3. Hello everyone. I would like the forums thoughts on inflation this time next year. And a brief summary of why they think it is heading in that direction. I'm also after what you think the CPI and RPI will be in Oct 2009. Thanks guys!!
  4. UPDATE! The entire centre has been 'invited' for a 'contracts meeting' tommorrow morning. We're already arranging our afternoon on the lash for tommorrow!! A bit premature but that's how it feels. Last moments of the Titanic. Its quite exciting in a sadistic and thoroughly depressing sort of way.
  5. I work in telecoms, funnilly, enough, it is quite busy at the mo but the rumour was that the work was getting whipped off to an overseas centre. Don't want to say too much because we had the usual sort of cryptic response that you would expect of a company that is laying off staff but can't tell them yet and if we mention it externally were out the door with immediate effect. Nice! It might not be the greatest pay in the world but I enjoy my job and have worked hard to get myself in a good position for progression within the company. Looks like it will probably be for bugger all.
  6. I think I'm losing my job. Normally I wouldn't give a flying monkeys and just get a new one but there just aren't any new ones in my sector to get! What is they say? "A recession is when people you know lose their jobs. A depression is when you also lose yours". And I though the my job was recession-proof. I must have been wrong!
  7. I've 'booked' my appointment. I suggest all you lot should do the same. This could be fun!!!!
  8. Wow! Some real high flyers on here! I'm 27, renting a beautiful flat in Newcastle for £475 (Upstairs on market for £140,000, don't make me laugh). I still have a net worth of less than zero, mainly through a gambling problem in my early 20's that I have had to work bloody hard to clear. Due to my delinquent youth, have no real qualifications to speak of but have a great little number working for a large telecoms company, which appears to be recession-proof. Pay isn't great but I'm happy. Waiting to buy in the year 2525 (If man is still alive)
  9. Yeah I'm with that, I can live with a few years of economic meltdown to restore sanity. I'm well protected so bring it on!!
  10. As happy as a (thick) as pig in sh i t.?? Nob jockey.
  11. Ah guys guys guys!! Lighten up a bit! If the whole world economy is going to collapse, then so be it. Protect yourself? Fair enough, but don't spend all of your life worrying about why might happen. The website's originaly purpose, to expose the root causes of house price inflation and show how it's demise will come, has happenned. Smile, a little!
  12. We win! They lose! Also, has anyone got any old clips or TV experts from a couple of years back ridiculing the 'doom-mongers' or clips of people saying 'if you don't get on now, you'll miss the boat'. I remeber seeing these loads a couple of years back and it used to drive me mad. Salt avec wound time! "WEEEEEEEEE ARETHE CHAMPIONS!!!!!! OF THE WORLLLLLDDDD!!!!!"
  13. The Daily Express I'm not sure who I hate more, the journos or the readers!!
  14. For some reason flicked on the Chris Moyles show this morning and they were discussing why they didn't just print more money to solve the banking crisis. Out of the 6 of them, only one (the newsreader) understood why you couldn't. Frightening! Was fun to listen to though!
  15. Cue bank run number two, looks like you've done your grand. I's get what you can now and RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!
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