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  1. It is very kind of you to point that out to us JoN especially as I assume you haven't purchased on the site. What a kind person you are coming on here and pointing out to us how we have all been mugs and lost our money.
  2. 120K for an average apartment? 120 for a serviced high spec Magnum, the APs are much cheaper No demand? Islamic country, well so is half of SE Asia Next to a volatile country? The UK is a volatile country and we spend most of the year in it. Not a family destination, based on what, have you actually been? And why do you feel the need to give your two penneth worth if you're not buying in Saidia? Perhaps those of us who have purchased have visited the area and done a bit more research than you appear to have done.
  3. Hi Picnic, Do you own a property on the site, or are you planning to buy one? If the answer is 'no' to both questions perhaps you could explain to me why you're on this site and appearing to be revelling in what you think is other people's misfortune?
  4. Jesus, You're just a Troll who gets some kind of twisted thrill out f other people's bad luck or misfortune. Next time you're rubber necking as you go past a pileup let's hope that ......... Berk
  5. Things seemed to have a few big steps forward recently, hotel due to open Ist July, first golf-course almost ready etc. How do people feel about it all now? Is anyone out there?
  6. This site was very busy and now seems to have died, where have you all gone?
  7. I had a great time off thanks for asking, what is your problem with your constant bitching at Dogbox? And I notice that you didn't bother to answer the questions, says it all really.
  8. Catara, BigLog So you think Dogbox is ramping because he is so positive. Well could you explain to me and others why, if you aren't purchasing property yourself in Saidia, that you spend so much time knocking the place? What is your agenda? Have you purchased somewhere else in Morocco and are now worried that due to new sites you won't see the returns you hoped for? If you can't answer these questions then you can't expect to be taken seriously.* *Not that I can take you seriously if you describe the beach as ordinary, I have visited, I thought it looked great even though no work had yet been done, and someone on the trip with us thought it was one of the best beaches she had ever seen in her life, I may not totally agree with that but it is far from ordinary and certainly better than the vast majority of beaches in Spain.
  9. We have purchased a 2 bedroom ground floor Magnum apartment. Realistically what do people think will be: 1. The number of weeks that we will be able to rent it out for in a year 2. What wwekly rent can we expect? 3. How percentage will we have to pay an agent OR 4. As thse are fully serviced apartments would we better of letting it ourselves and if so which sites do you recomend? Many Thanks Gavin
  10. Why so personal Big Log?? If you don't want to invest in Saidia, then DON'T I don't understand what your agenda is here, did you not manage to purchase when you could afford it and hope that by slagging the place off that you'll bring down prices. There are an awful lot of mugs purchasing properties and investing in the place, if it so bad would they waste their money?
  11. [And this befiore making any effort to improve the infrastructure and to offer any assurance for the safety of the tourists. Do you have some kind of agenda Catara? Which country can offer assurances for the safety of tourists? Bali? New York? London?
  12. I have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom garden apartment in Magnum Saidia, I was told by my agent (SaffronVilas) today that these are now selling for around 180K. Does anybody have any idea of how realistic a price this is. They also mentioned that the next price hike will be October when Ryan Air go public with their routes and Phase 1 is released. I have also been told that with Magnum you can rent the property out yourself, you don't have to go via Fadesa and be limited to 3-4% return.
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