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  1. No Job No Home. No Mortgage. Economy down the pan. Govt knows that people moving home spend money on new kitchens, conservatories, curtains, carpets and all other items. Govt will try to get it going but this time i am afraid it will not be able to keep all the balls in the air and property will have to fall, there isnt enough money around to keep it from falling. The game is up this time.
  2. No wonder ! £3 for a spoonful of coffee and some hot water, also you can advertise for them with a take away paper cup..
  3. Another Barsteward who probably pleaded that he did not know, and that we were being racist. Send him home in a leaky boat !
  4. Why didnt the Women and Men in this country march, and protest, about the grooming by Pakistani gangs up and down our country which is still probably going on. The Police knew for years that these grotesque crimes were being carried out and did nothing.
  5. Spray the barstewards with dye and pick them up next day. Take them straight to the Docks put them in a boat back home. Most of these people dont want to go home karachi no thanks ! If they say but i am British , just say " british people dont behave this way" If i dont obey rules at my golf club I am out the Door. They should be made to sign a set of rules when entering UK, also allegiance to the crown , be first to be called up in an emergence then you can take benefits.
  6. Why is she allowed to do this on a platform paid by the public. She should be sacked. I bet she wears all the clothes etc from slave driven countries but never mentions it. She is only interested in publicity like the London set. I am going to stop paying my BBC licence after this.
  7. Its a dump like London, been there . Why are all immigrants trying to get to blighty? We are soft. They can hide in London.
  8. people talking about buying a semi in London area for 500k and and cannot afford a couple of quid, says it all. all people are so highly leveraged they cant breath. It will all come out in the wash.
  9. You have said it all. Its time for the chickens to come home to roost.
  10. You have said it all . as my old Mother used to say "it will all come out in the wash son" Another by Warren Buffett " when the tide goes out we will see who has any clothes on"
  11. Sooner or later the Piper will have to be paid.
  12. He has been skint for a few years as they must be old trousers
  13. No Government can hold all these balls in the air this time. One of the balls will fall , property will suffer. Good move waiting, it will pay off.
  14. Government cannot keep all the balls in the air this time around, time to let some of them fall. They are skint !
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